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Motomachi town [元町]

Yokohama Motomachi

Yokohama Motomachi

Map of Motomachi and Yamate area
1) Harbor View Park 2) British House
3) Bluff No.111 4) Foreign General Cemetery
5) Yamate Museum 6) Tin Toy Museum
7) Bluff No.234 8) Ehrismann Residence
9) Berrick Hall

Motomachi is a town located south of Yokohama Chinatown.

The main area is very narrow from east to west along Horikawa River, and the length is about 600 meters.

After the opening Yokohama port in 1859, the foreign settlement for Western people was built in Yamate area.
And when they had been to their offices in Kan-nai area, they passed through Motomachi area.

So many shops in Motomachi had catered to them.

In that time, some cafes, bakeries and tailors for Westerner were opened in Motomachi area.
They were still rare in Japan.

Since that, Motomachi is popular for its smart streets.

Yokohama Motomachi

Yokohama Motomachi

It has two main streets.

The north side of the town is Motomachi Shopping Street.
And the south side is Motomachi Craftsmanship Street.

Along both streets, there are many smart shops, cafes and restaurants.

Motomachi Shopping Street

How to get here

JR Ishikawacho station is near the west end of Motomchi.
Motomachi-Chukagai station of Minatomirai Line is near the east end of Motomchi.

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