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Postal mail in Japan

How to send a postcard in Japan

Mark of post officeThe mark of post office

When you want to send a postcard, write the address in your language and write clearly your country name in English and the words of "AIR MAIL" on it.

It takes about a week by air mail to receive the postcard.

But if you select "SEA MAIL", it takes more than a month.

The rate of sea mail is only slightly cheaper than air mail.
So you should write "AIR MAIL".

Mailbox in JapanMailbox in Japan

There are many post offices in Japan, and you can find them even in small town.
And you can find many mailboxes in a city.

The post offices open commonly from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.
The urban main post offices open to 7:00 and open in the morning on Saturday.

The mail business is run by Japan Post Company (JP).
The mark is a design that a line is added above the character of "T".

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