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Taxi in Japan

Taxi pool in front of Tokyo station
Taxi pool in front of Tokyo station

If you want to move quickly to your destination in the city, taxi is one of the best choice.
Taxi in Japan is now known as the safest and most comfortable transportation in the world.

Some taxis are waiting for you around main railway stations, airports, downtown, sightseeing area, big hotels, and so on.

In any city, you can catch a running free taxi by lifting your hand.

Licence plate in Japan

I think you can easily recognize whether a car is a taxi.
The body is colorful and a lamp is on the roof.
Additionally, the licence plate of general car is white background, but the one of taxi is green background.

Basically the door of taxi is automatic.
The driver operates to open and close the door.
You had better not touch the door.

Recently non-smoking taxis are increasing.
If you are a smoker, please mind your manner.

Generally you pay for the fare in cash, but you can pay by credit card if there is the sign on the taxi.

Of course, the fare of taxi is far more expensive than train and bus.
If you want to check the fare of taxi, please use the following website.

Taxi companies in a few regions

There are a lot of taxi companies in most cities and towns in Japan.
So, I introduce the taxi companies with English website.

Tokyo area

If you want to know about taxi in Tokyo, please check the following website.

Tokyo Taxi Center

The main taxi companies are the following.

Tokyo MK Taxi Nihon Kotsu Hinomaru Kotsu KM Group Taxi

Kyoto area

Because Kyoto is a foremost tourist city, not only ordinary taxi but also sightseeing taxi runs.

MK Taxi Yasaka Taxi Doi Taxi Kimi Taxi

Hokkaido area

Limousine Hokkaido English Driver Guide Dounan Hire