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Asagiri highland

Asagiri highlandMount Fuji mapAsagiri highland is the area on the western foot of Mount Fuji.
It is at the level of 700-1,000 meters.

"Asagiri" means "morning mist". Literally fog sometimes rises in this area.

The slope is very gentle, and there are many cattle ranches with broad meadow.
From here, we can see Mount Fuji clearly and widely. And this area is one of the nice summer resorts, so there are many camping sites, golf courses, schools for paragliding and the other facilities in this area.

Route 139 runs from north to south, basically, Asagiri highland stretches around the road.
To the south of the area, there is Shiraito Falls.
And when we have a drive toward north on the road, it lead to Fujigoko (Fuji Five lakes).

In the west part of the highland, there is Lake Tanuki.
Originally it was a small pond, but it was expanded to ensure water supply for agricultural purposes in 1935.

Lake Tanuki is known for "Diamond Fuji".
It is an optical phenomenon that the sun comes just behind the top of Mount Fuji, and the sun looks like a diamond.
In the early morning around April 20th and August 20th, we can see the beautiful Diamond Fuji from here.

How to get to here

By route bus

From Shin-Fuji station on Tokaido Shinkansen, by route bus to Fujikyu-Highland, about 60-70 minutes.

By car

Run Tomei Expressway, and exit at Fuji Exit. About 20-30 km through Nishi-Fuji Road from there.

Asagiri highland Asagiri highland
Asagiri highland Paragriding on Asagiri highland
Lake Tanuki Diamond Fuji at Lake Tanuki

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