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Mie Prefecture

Mie Prefecture in Tokai DistrictMie PrefectureMie Prefecture is the prefecture located at the southwest part of Tokai District.
The area is long from north to south, and the length is about 180 km.

The northern area faces Ise Bay, and the plain land spreads. Most of the cities in the prefecture are on this area. The prefectural capital is Tsu city.

Along the west side of the plain land, Suzuka Mountains runs. At the west foot of the mountains, there is Iga Basin.

At the center of the prefecture, there is Shima Peninsula.
To the south from the peninsula, there is the mountainous land. It has a sawtooth coastline, and there are many small coves.
Here is very rainy area.
Especially the annual amount of rainfall around Owase city exceeds 4,000 millimeters, and it is about three times more than Tokyo.

The climate is totally mild.
So one of the main industries is agriculture, and rice, green tea and mikan (a kind of Mandarin orange) are main crops.
Fisheries is also main industry, and cultured pearl is famous. Expensive Japanese spiny lobster ("Ise ebi" in Japanese) and abalone are popular.

Since ancient times, this prefecture has been the land with sacred Ise Shrine.
It has been the central Shinto shrine of the all shrines in Japan. So Mie Prefectur has developed by many worshippers from all over the country.
Even now, it is the great sightseeing spot in this prefecture.

Ise is on the north coast of Shima Peninsula, and the area including Ise and some other spots on the peninsula is generally called "Ise-Shima".

Mie Prefecture has neither airport nor Shinkansen.
In this prefecture, Kintetsu Line is the convenient railroad. From Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka, many limited expresses are operated.
The trains of JR line are not so frequent.
But only JR Kisei Line leads to the south part of the prefecture.

Mie Tourism Guide : Mie Prefecture official website
Kintetsu Tourist Guide : Kintetsu Corporation official website

The climate in Toba
Highest Temperature (deg C) 9.0 9.5 13.0 18.6 22.7 25.9 29.8 31.0 27.4 21.9 16.6 11.7
Lowest Temperature (deg C) 1.7 1.8 4.4 9.3 13.9 18.2 22.4 23.5 20.4 14.6 8.9 3.9
Mean monthly rainfall (mm) 77 95 183 203 260 267 198 205 397 258 148 68

Tourist spots in Mie Prefecture

Mie prefecture map

Mount Gozaisho /1/
Seki post station /2/
Iga-Ueno /3/
Akame 48 Waterfalls /4/
Matsusaka city /5/
Ise Shrine /6/
Meoto-iwa rocks /7/
Toba city /8/
Shima Peninsula /9/

Scenic or Nature / Park or Garden / Resort / City, Town or Village / Quarter or Street /
Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

Main events in Mie Prefecture

Ageuma in Tado FestivalRitual of Ageuma (May 4, 5th)

It is one of the main festivals held in Tado-taisha shrine in Kawana city at the north part of Mie Prefecture. It has been held since the 14th century.
"Ageuma" means making a horse go uphill. Two young riders from each of six districts in Tado area are selected, and they try to climb a steep slope like a wall on a horse. Each rider tries three times in two day. (Total of 18 times are tried.)
They dress like a samurai, run to generate momentum for about 100 meters, and run up the slope more than 2 meters high. It is surprisingly difficult for the horse, so some of them don't succeed.
With the degrees of success, they divine whether crops or businesses will be good or not.

Saioh FestivalSaioh Festival (First Saturday and Sunday in June)

Saioh was a queen of the attendants serving gods in Ise Shrine, and noble unmarried females such as Emperor's daughter or sister were selected.
She lived in Saikuu Palace in Meiwa town located about 15 km northwest of Ise Shrine. Saioh existed from 673 to 1334.
Saikuu Palace had been a ruin, and was found in 1970. Now it has become a historic park.
Saioh Festival had been held there since 1983, and the parade of new Saioh to Ise and the ritual of arriving are reenacted.

Local foods and products in Mie Prefecture


It is a famous rice cake made by an old confection store in Ise. Very soft and glutinous rice cake is coated by plenty sweet bean paste.
Near Ise Shrine, there is a directly-managed tea room serving Akafuku, and many visitors always enjoy it.
Akafuku is bought at not only some its shops in Ise city but also some department stores and main station kiosks along Kintetsu Line.
So we can get at Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka stations, but it isn't bought in Tokyo.

Akafuku official website

Ise UdonIse Udon

Udon is one of the popular Japanese noodles, and the white noodles are made from wheat.
The noodle of Ise uden is very thick and soft.
Generally, the soup for udon is filled in a bowl, but one of Ise udon is low in the bowl. But it is thick.
We eat the thick noodles with dressing thick soup.

Matsusaka beefMatsusaka beef

It is one of the most famous high-class beefs in Japan, along with Kobe beef.
It is the beef of virgin female cows. They are born in Tajima area in Hyogo Prefecture and sre raise around Matsusaka city.
Matsusaka beef is meltingly soft and delicious. Of course, it is very expensive.
In Matsusaka city, there are some well-established sukiyaki or steak restaurants using Matsusaka beef.

Cultured pearlCultured pearl

Pearl is a jewel created inside shellfish, and it had been rare jewels for a long time.
But Koukichi Mikimoto succeeded the world's first quantity production of cultured pearl at Ago Bay in 1905.
Britain and France claimed that the pearl was a sophisticated fake, but he pursued legal action and won a lawsuit in 1927. At last, the pearl achieve recognition as a real jewel.
Now pearls are produced around Ago Bay, but the amount of production in Mie Prefecture is ranked third in Japan, along with Nagasaki and Ehime.
But Ago Bay is well-known as the birthplace of pearl.

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