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Nagoya TV Tower

Nagoya TV TowerNagoya TV Tower is a tower transmitting televison broadcasts.
It stands in Hisaya-Oodori Park in Sakae area. This area has been the downtown Nagoya since old days, and the tower has been the landmark of central Nagoya.

The height of this tower is 180 meters.
There is the observatory right at the middle of the tower. (Sky Deck (90m), Sky Balcony (100m))
We can go up in an elevator, and enjoy the view of Nagoya city and distant mountains.
And at the level of 30 meters, there are a restaurant and a gallery.

The shape of the tower is similar to Tokyo Tower (333 meters high).
But Nagoya TV Tower was completed in 1954, and it is the earliest in Japan. (Tokyo Tower was competed in 1958.)

How to get to here

By subway

Get off at Sakae (Higashiyama Line, Meijo Line) or Hisaya-Oodori (Meijo Line, Sakuradoori Line).

By route bus

By sightseeing route bus "Me-guru" about 31 minutes from Nagoya Castle.

Nagoya TV Tower Nagoya TV Tower and complex facility "Oasis 21"
At the foot of the tower Nagoya TV Tower in the evening
A view of tall buildings around Nagoya station Setting sun comes just between two tall buildings only twice a year

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