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Lake Towada

Lake Towada mapLake Towada Lake Towada is a caldera lake located about 50 km south of Aomori city and is about 25 km south of Hakkoda mountains.

It is about 10 km both from east to west and from north to south in width.
The lake level is just 400 meters high, and the depth is 327 meters.
In the forest around this lake, wild animals such as golden eagle and black bear make their habitat.

Yasumiya on the south lakeside is the main town for sightseeing.
There are many hotels, minshukus, a visitor center and a bus terminal.
And pleasure boats leave from here.

On the lakeside about 1 km north of Yasumiya town, there is "Statue of maidens", which is a symbol of Lake Towada and was built in 1953.
It was made by Kotaro Takamura, who was an early 20th century's sculptor and poet.

On the east lakeside, there is Nenokuchi town.
Oirase stream flows from here.

The services of pleasure boats are the round cruise in the lake and the cruise between Yasumiya and Nenokuchi.

This lake is on the border between Aomori and Akita Prefecture, so we can find the local souvenirs of both prefectures in most shops.

How to get to here

By route bus

From Aomori station, about 3 hours.
From Hachinohe station, about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

By car

From Aomori city, about 70 km, 1 hours and 45 minutes.
From Hachinohe city, about 30 km, 45 minutes.

Lake Towada
Lake Towada in autumn
Lakeside of Lake Towada
Statue of maidens

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