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Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture in Tohoku DistrictMiyagi PrefectureMiyagi Prefecture is located on the Pacific side of central Tohoku District.
There is Sendai city, which is the prefectual capital and a million city, in roughly center of this prefecture.

On the western side of the prefecture, a mountain range runs.
The northeast part of the prefecture has a sawtooth coastline, which is the southernmost part of Sanriku Coast.

Snow falls not so much in winter, and it is not so hot in summer.

Miyagi prefecture originally was not a central area in Tohoku District, and Hiraizumi, the southern part of current Iwate prefecture, was it in the 11-12th centuries.
But in the early 17th century, Masamune Date, a leading warload in this region, built a castle town at Sendai, then it has developed as the central city of this area.

The coast areas were visited by great earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011.
But the area is under reconstruction now.

To come into Miyagi Prefecture, It is convenient to use Shinknasen from Tokyo and use domestic flight from other cities.

By Shinkansen, it takes about 1 hours and 30-45 minutes from Tokyo to Sendai.

Sendai airport is located about 15 km south of Sendai city. It takes about 25 minutes by train or about 40 minutes by route bus from JR Sendai station.
There are many domestic flights from main cities in Japan.
Additionally, Sendai airport has international flights from Seoul, Guam, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Changchun and Taipei.

Journey in Miyagi : Miyagi Tourism Federation official website

The climate in Sendai
Highest Temperature (deg C) 5.3 5.9 9.2 15.0 19.4 22.3 25.7 27.9 24.4 19.4 13.7 8.4
Lowest Temperature (deg C) -1.7 -1.5 0.9 6.1 11.1 15.5 19.5 21.4 17.6 11.2 5.2 0.9
Mean monthly rainfall (mm) 37 38 68 98 110 146 179 167 188 122 65 37

Tourist spots in Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi map

Sendai city /1/
Matsushima /2/
Zuiganji temple /3/
Akiu hot spring resort /4/
Kinkasan island /5/
Naruko hot spring /6/
Mount Zao /7/

Scenic or Nature / Park or Garden / Resort / City, Town or Village / Quarter or Street /
Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

Main events in Miyagi Prefecture

Matsushuma Oyster FestivalMatsushima Oyster Festival (1st Saturday and Sunday in February)

Matsushima bay is one of the largest production centers of oysters in Japan.
Every year, this festival is held at the square near JR Matsushima-Kaigan station.
We can enjoy eating Matsushima oysters for free or a fee; raw oysters, baked oysters, stewed oyseters, zousui (rice soup) of oysters and so on.
Many people visit here, then you must prepare yourself for waiting in line to get oyster cookings at any stand.

Shiogama Port FestivalShiogama Port Festival (3rd Monday in July)

It is the festival held at the port of Shiogama city. This has been held for development of city since 1948.
Two Mikoshi (portable shrine) are carried throughout the city from Shiogama shrine. After that, they are shipped on two decorated ship and are paraded around Matsushima bay with many colorful fishing boats.
Additionally many events are held in the city.

Sendai Tanabata FestivalSendai Tanabata Festival (From August 6th to 8th)

Tanabata is one of the traditional seasonal festivals in east Asia, and in Japan generally it is on July 7th. Especially one of Sendai is most famous in Japan.
In Japan we hang colorful paper strips on which we write our wishes on bamboo tree. In Sendai, great and gorgious decorations are hung all over the city.
Some events and a fireworks display are also held in the city.

Local foods and products in Miyagi Prefecture

Beef tongueBeef tongue

Sliced beef tongue with salt or shoyu are grilled. In Japanese, it is called "gyuutan".
It is said when a yakitori restaurant served this with using the beef tongue which Allied Occupation forces didn't eat after World War II.
Now there are about 60 restaurants for gyuutan cooking in Sendai city.


Matsushima bay is one of the Japanese largest production centers of oyster.
The oysters are somewhat small but firm. The season is from October to March.
Along Matsushuma coast, there are some shop selling oysters.
And a few restaurants that we can eat oysters with baking for ourselves are opened during the season.


Kamaboko is a variety of Japanese processed seafood products. It is made by steaming pureed white fish.
Especially in Sendai, the product is called "Sasa-kamaboko". Of course, the form is different from general kamaboko.
General kamaboko is made by placing on a wooden board, but sasa-kamaboko is made in a leaf-shaping mold.

Kokeshi dollsKokeshi

They are simple wooden dolls. Many of them are made in Tohoku District, and particularly Miyagi Prefecture is one of the main places of production.
It consists of a cylindrical torso, turned out on a lathe. A round head is fitted on the torso and a girl's face drawn in. Two or three colors, such as red, blue or yellow, are used to paint lines or a chrysanthemum design on the body.

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