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Hakkoda mountains

Around Hakkoda mountains mapHakkoda mountains Hakkoda mountains is a group of volcanoes located about 20-25 km southeast of Aomori city.

There are more than a dozen peaks as much as 1,200-1,500 meters high in this area. The highest peak is Oodake peak, which is 1,584 meters high.
Many stream flow, so there are valleys and marshes in places.
They are not so steep, then hikers visit here.

Around this area, very heavy snow falls in winter.
So Hakkoda mountains has one of most popular ski slopes in Japan.
On the other hand, 199 of 210 soldiers training in the snow died during a blizzard in 1902.
This incident was fictionaized and made into a movie in 1977. So this incident has become widely known throughout Japanese people.

Most sightseeing spots are around the foot of the mountains.
Generally the route along west and south side of Hakkoda is called "Omote-Hakkoda", which means "major route around Hakkoda", and main sightseeing spots are along Route 103 to Lake Towada.
And the route along north and east side is called "Ura-Hakkoda", which means "minor route around Hakkoda". This route runs away from Route 103.


  • Kayano plateau /1/ : It is a plateau located about 15 km southeast of Aomori city, and is on the way of Route 103 to Hakkoda area. It is at the level of 540 meters, and is covered with natural lawn.
    We can see Hakkoda mountains, Aomori city and Aomori Bay.
  • Hakkoda ropeway /2/ : It is a ropeway to near Tamoyachi peak, which is one of the peaks of Hakkoda and is 1,324 meters high. It is opearated through the year.
    There is a walking trail from the station on the top, and we can enjoy strolling around there within an hour.
    The station at the foot of the mountain is about 21 km from Aomori station, and it takes an hour by route bus.
  • Jogakura bridge /3/ : It is a bridge located 4 km south of the station of Hakkoda ropeway.
    It spans over the Jogakura gorge and is located at the level of 122 meters from the bottom of the gorge.
    This is one of the nice spots that we can enjoy the view of Hakkoda and Aomori city.
    It is on the branched route from Route 103. So when you use a route bus, you must walk for half an hour after getting off it at Jogakura-onsen stop.
  • Sukayu hot spring resort /4/ : See the page of Sukayu hot spring resort.
  • Suiren marsh /5/ : It is a marsh located 7 km northeast of the station of Hakkoda ropeway.
    It is on the south side of Hakkoda mountains, and is spread near Route 103.
    "Suiren" means "water lily", and a kind of water lily is growing naturally here. We can enjoy the quiet with seeing the marsh and Hakkoda mountains.


  • Memorial statue of distress during marching in snow /6/ : It is a statue located 5 km northeast of the station of Hakkoda ropeway.
    It is a memorial statue of the distress of soldiers in 1902. The shape is a standing soldier.
    He was going look for help, but had gotton struck in heavy snow. He was found with standing up in a state of apparent death by rescue team. This founding gave the rescue team a clue, then the rescue operation started.
    This statue was built in 1907.
  • Tashirotai marsh /7/ : It is a large marsh located northeast side of Hakkoda mountains.
    In summer many wild flowers bloom, and we can enjoy the view of the flowers and grand Hakkoda mountains.
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How to get to here

By route bus

From Aomori station, get on a bus to Lake Towada.
To Kayano Plateau about 50 minutes, to Hakkoda ropeway about an hour and to Sukayu about 1 hour and 10 minutes.
We cannot visit Ura-Hakkoda by route bus.

By car

From central Aomori city, to Hakkoda ropeway about 21 km, about 45 minutes. And to Sukayu about 28 km about 55 minutes.
To Memorial statue about 22 km, about 50 minutes. To Tashirotai about 27 km about an hour.

Hakkoda mountains in spring
Hakkoda in winter
Jogakura bridge
Suiren marsh
Memorial statue of distress during marching in snow
Tashirotai marsh

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