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Cape Hinomisaki

Hinomisaki Hinomisaki is a cape facing the Sea of Japan, and is located about 8 km northwest of Izumo-taisha shrine.
It is positioned near the west end of Shimane Peninsula.

The coast around the cape has many cliffs, caves, small rocky islands.
Most of the rocks around this coast are columnar jointed.

On the cape, there is a lighthouse built in 1903.
It is 43.65 meters high, and is the Japan's highest lighthouse built of stone.
We can go up to the observatory room on the top for 200 yen.

There is Hinomisaki Shrine about 0.5 km south of the lighthouse.
This shrine is regarded as the foundation in the 6th century B.C. in legend, but it is hard to believe.
However, there are the mentions about this shrine in some ancient books written around the 8th century.
This shrine has two parts on the hillside, and they are "Upper Shrine" and "Lower Shrine".
All of the buildings are rebuilt around the 17th century, and are designated as national important cultural properties.

There is Fumishima island just west of Hinomisaki Shrine.
It is a small rocky island, which is a breeding site of black-tailed gulls.

How to get to here

By route bus

About 20 minutes from Izumo-taisha, about 45 minutes from JR Izumoshi station.

Hinomisaki lighthouse Columnar jointing rocks
Roumon gate of Hinomisaki Shrine
Photo by Railstation.net
Upper shrine in Hinomisaki Shrine
Photo by Railstation.net
Lower shrine in Hinomisaki Shrine
Photo by Railstation.net
Black-tailed gulls in Fumishima

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