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Toujinbou cliffs

Toujinbou cliffs Toujinbou (or Tojinbo) is the very steep rocky coast facing the Sea of Japan, and is about 6 km west of Awara hot spring resort.
The length of the coast is about 2 km, and the whole coastline has the cliffs over 25 meters high.

The rocks are andesitic, and were formed by activity of a volcano about 12-13 million years ago.
Many columnar joints are formed, and the scale of Toujinbou is one of the largest three places in the world.
So it is very precious from an geological viewpoint, so it is designeted as a national natural treasure.

There are several unique rocks along the coast, and we can view from the pleasure boat.
It takes about 30 minutes to sail. We can board the boat near Toujinbou bus stop.

Around Toujinbou bus stop, there are some souvenir shops.
Also there is Toujinbou Tower which is an observatory with a restaurant near the shops.

From there, a walking trail along the coast is set up. It leads toward northwest, and the length is about 4 km.
And Oshima Island is about 2 km northwest of the town.

Toujinbou is known for suicide place.
So the people around here set several signs saying to help prevent from committing suicide.

How to get to here

By railroad

  • By JR Hokuriku Line, get off at Awara-onsen station. By limited express, about 11 minutes from Fukui, about 40 minutes from Kanazawa.
    Then by route bus to Mikuni-eki, about 37 minutes to Toujinbou stop.
  • From Fukui, by Echizen Railway Line, to Minuni station, about 45 minutes.
    Then by route bus to Awara-onsen-eki, about 9 minutes  to Toujinbou stop.

By car

Run on Hokuriku Expressway, and exit at Kanaza Exit. Then about 21 km to Toujinbou.

Columnar joints and Oshima island
Cliff like beehive
Wild waves Large rock like a lion
Pleasure boat of Toujinbou A walking trail of Toujinbou
Toujinbou Tower Sunset at Toujinbou

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