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Ichijodani Asakura Clan Ruins

Ichijodani Asakura Clan Ruins Ichijodani is a valley located about 10 km southeast of central Fukui city.
Here was a castle town from the 1470s to the 1570s.

In the 1471, Takakage Asakura, a warlord, was based here, then he unified Echizen area.
A castle was built on a hill in Ichijodani, and the castle town modeled after Kyoto was built.
Around that time, in Kyoto, the nation's capital, a great civil war broke out. Then, many court nobles, high priests or intellectuals moved here from devastated Kyoto.
So Ichijodani became a cultural city, then it was called "Northen Kyoto". It had a population of more than 10 thousand people.
Asakura Clan had governed Echizen area based in Ichijodani for five generation.

But in 1573, the city was attacked by the troop led by Nobunaga Oda who had the ambition to unify Japan.
They set fire to the city, then all of the city had been burned to the ground.
After that, this city had been forgotten.

From 1967, the excavation of this ruin was started.
In 1995, the castle town had been restored.
Now these ruins have been designated as a special national historic spot.

Ichijodani River flows through this valley, and the restored castle town is on the west side.
On the east side, there is the ruin of Asakura Residence.
Around Asakura Residence, there are a few restored Japanese gardens.
On the top of eastern mountain (473 meters high), there is the ruin of Ichijodani Castle.
Additionally, Karamon gate near Asakura Residence was built in the 18th century.

The ruins are within about 1 km, and there are more than 20 spots.
When you tour around here, you should take 1-2 hours.
(Fukui city warns travellers to be careful about vipers in the grass.)

How to get to here

By railroad

  1. From Fukui station, by local train on JR Etsumi-Hokusen Line, about 17 minutes to Ichijodani station.
  2. About 2 km walk from Ichijodani station.
    (Ichijodani station has no staff. And local people have provided some free renral bicycles for visitors.)

By route bus

By route bus to Jokyoji or Kanamata, about 25 minutes from Fukui station to Asakurashi-iseki-shiryokan-mae stop.

By car

About 12 km from central Fukui city, about 20 minutes.

Ichijodani valley
Ruin of Asakura Residence
Karamon gate
A restored Japanese garden
Restored castle town
Restored castle town
Inside of a restored house An old well

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