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Toyama Prefecture

Toyama Prefecture in Hokuriku DistrictToyama PrefectureToyama Prefecture is a prefecture positioned at the northeast part of Hokuriku District.

The northern coast faces the Sea of Japan, and the west part forms Toyama Bay.
The bay is very deep, then cold water is around the bottom. But a warm ocean current also flows into the bay.
Therefore many kinds of fish live in this bay, so we can taste the various fresh fish here.

On the coast of Uozu city located at the east side of the bay, it is known that mirages are sometimes seen in spring.

There is Toyama Plain around Toyama, and most of the cities in this prefecture are in this plain. Toyama city, the prefectural capital, is at nearly center of the plain.

This plain is richly cultivated with rice, and there are also many manufacturing plants as the center of Hokuriku industrial zone.
Medicine manufacture in Toyama has been well-known since the 15th century.

The south and east parts of the prefecture are mountainous.
Especially the east part has the mountains of Northern Alps about 2,400-3,000 meters high.

Toyama Prefecture is relatively far from Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto geographically.
And this prefecture doesn't have Shinkansen. So it takes some time to visit here by land.

To visit Toyama Prefecture, Hokuriku Shinkansen is convenient train from Tokyo. It takes within 2.5 hours.
From Kyoto or Osaka, it takes more than 3 hours by limited express "Thunderbird" on JR Hokuriku Line.

There is Toyama Airport near Toyama city.
It has the flights from Haneda (Tokyo) and Shin-Chitose (Sapporo).
And it has the international flights from Seoul, Shanghai, Dalian, and Vladivostok in Russia.

Tourism Information in Toyama : Toyama Prefectural Tourism Association official website

The climate in Toyama city
Highest Temperature (deg C) 6.0 6.8 10.9 17.3 21.9 25.1 29.0 30.9 26.5 21.1 15.3 9.6
Lowest Temperature (deg C) -0.1 -0.3 2.2 7.2 12.6 17.4 21.5 22.9 18.8 12.4 6.8 2.4
Mean monthly rainfall (mm) 260 172 159 122 134 183 240 168 220 161 234 247

Tourist spots in Toyama Prefecture

Toyama prefecture map

Mount Tateyama /1/
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route /2/
Kurobe Gorge /3/
Uozu Buried Forest Museum /4/
Takaoka city /5/
Amaharashi coast /6/
Scattered village in Tonami Plain /7/
Gokayama historic village /8/

Scenic or Nature / Park or Garden / Resort / City, Town or Village / Quarter or Street /
Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

Main events in Toyama Prefecture

Fushiki Hikiyama FestivalFushiki Hikiyama Festival (May 15th)

It is the spring festival of Fushiki Shrine in Fushiki district in Takaoka city located at the northwest part of Toyama Prefecture.
In the afternoon, six beautifully decorated floats parade through the town with the bright calls.
In the evening, each float is decorated with more than 300 lanterns. And bumping between two floats takes place.
It is the highlight of the festival, then the visitors are excited about the powerful bumping.

Owara Kaze-no-bonOwara Kaze-no-bon (September 1-3rd)

It is the famous festival held in Yatsuo town about 15 km southwest of central Toyama city.
Many dancers in Yatsuo dance to the folk song "Etchu-Owara-bushi". The song is relatively slowly and elegical, and is played with only Shamisen, Chinese fiddle and Japanese drum.
The dancers dance in silence and the dance is elegant and sophisticated.
So it is the manner of visitors to see the dance silently and not to use a flash to take a photo.
Yatsuo is a small and narrow town. But in this period, more than 250 thousand visitors come to see the dance here.

Local foods and products in Toyama Prefecture

Firefly squidFirefly Squid

It is a kind of squids, and the length of body is 5-6 centimeters. (In Japanese, it is called "hotaru-ika".)
It has many luminous organs on its surface of the body, and they emit blue-green light in the dark.
It is living in the depths of the Sea of Japan, and many firefly squids come around the eastern coast of Toyama Bay in schools to spawn in spring.
Firefly squids after spawning are caught only here in Japan. We can eat it around April.

Glass shrimpGlass Shrimp

It is a shrimp living in the depths of 300-600 meters of the sea. The length of body is 5-8 centimeters. (In Japanese, it is called "shiro-ebi".)
Many shrimps are caught as a business in Toyama Bay, but no other seas in the world produce such great catches of this shrimp.
Live shrimp is transparent with slightly-pink color, so it is called "jewel in Toyama Bay".
It is caught from April to November, and we can eat in Toyama Prefecture.


It is a popular sushi in Toyama Prefecture.
Some bamboo leaves are laid in a round case made of thin wooden boards, and some salted fillets of trout are put on the leaves. ("Masu" means "trout".)
And after vinegared rice is filled on the fillets, the case is packed with a press of lid.
This sushi is sold in the case at main railroad stations, department stores, supermarkets, convenient stores in Toyama Prefectures.
It is well-known throughout the country, so we can get it in Tokyo.

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