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Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine RouteTateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is the popular scenic route transecting Mount Tateyama.
We can enjoy the noble and beautiful scenery of Tateyama at a short distance.

Map of tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

The western entrance is the Tateyama terminal station of Toyama-Chihou Railroad, and the eastern entrance is Oogisawa bus terminal in Oomachi city in Nagano Prefecture.

The direct distance between both entrances is about 25 km.
Tateyama terminal station is at the western foot of Mount Tateyama, and this route pass through Mount Tateyama, Kurobe Dum and Northern Alps.
Oogisawa terminal is on the eastern mountainside of Northern Alps.

This route runs through high mountains, but even ordinary tourists can visit here.
We can pass this route by route bus, special trolleybus, cable car and ropeway.
Basically, we cannot travel this route by private car.
To Tateyama terminal station, the trains on Toyama-Chihou Railroad come from Toyama station.
And, to Oogisawa bus terminal, the route buses come from Shinano-Oomachi station on JR Ooito Line.

Tateyama terminal station is at the level of 475 meteres, and Oogisawa bus station is at the level of 1,433 meters.
And the highest spot on this route is Murodou plateau at the level of 2,450 meters.
So if you are an ordinary tourist, you need the warm clothes even in summer.
In addition, this route is closed from December to mid-April.

The fare of all tranportations on this route is 8,060 yen between Tateyama station and Oogisawa terminal.
And the fare between Toyama station and Shinano-Oomachi station including this route is 10,560 yen.

Commonly it takes about 6-7 hours to pass through the route between Tateyama terminal and Oogisawa terminal.
In the season from late April to early May and around October, many tourists visit here. So each terminal is crowded and it takes a few extra hours.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Official Guide

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Bijodaira /1/

Bijodaira It is a highland on a western end of a ridge of Mount Tatetyama. It is positioned 2-3 km east of Tateyama station.
It is located at the level of about 1,000 meters. Rich and calm forests spread and many birds make their habitat there. There are some walking trails in the forests.

Shomyo Falls /2/

Shomyo Falls It is a waterfall located about 6 km east of Bijodaira station.
It is the Japan's highest falls, and the height is about 350 meters. The water from Midagahara plateau falls down, and it flows into Shomyo River. The river forms the valley of norhtern side of Bijodaira ridge.
We can see from the route bus of Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route between Bijodaira and Midagahara.
And direct route bus from Tateyama station to the falls is operated. It takes about 20 minutes.

Midagahara Plateau /3/

Midagahara plateau It is a gentle plateau on the west side of Mount Tateyama, and spreads at the level of about 2,000 meters. The bus stop is located about 9 km east of Bijodaira.
This plateau had been formed by the erupted lava from Mount Tateyama volcano mote than 100 thousand years ago.
High moors spreads around here, then they are filled with many alpine plants such as daylilies, cottongrasses in summer.
There are some walking trails in this area, and a few hotels are around the bus stop on Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

Murodou Plateau /4/

Murodou plateau It is the lava plateau just west of the main peaks of Mount Tateyama. The alititude is about 2,450 meters.
It is also called "Murodou-daira" in Japanese.
This lava plateau had been formed about 50 thousand years ago.
So there are some crater lakes such as Mikuriga-ike lake and Midoroga-ike lake, and we can see the emissions of volcanic gas in Jigokudani valley.
They are to the north of Murodou station.
And around Murodou station, there are a few hotels and Tateyama Nature Conservation Center with museum.

"Murodou" means "mountain lodge for Japan's ancient mountain worship".
There is the mountain lodge built in the 16th century about 1 km east of Murodou station. It is designated as a nationally important cultural property.

Kurobe Dum /5/

Kurobe Dam It is the largest dam in Japan, and is constructed upstream of Kurobe River. It is located just east of the main peaks of Mount Tateyama.
The construction of the dam started in 1956, and it was completed in 1963.
This location is too interior. The constuction was very difficult. So it has been sometimes introduced on a movie or TV documentaries.
Now this is one of the popular spots on Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.
We can walk around the dam. And the pleasure boat "Garve" is operated on the dammed lake.

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How to get to here

To Tateyama station

  1. From Tokyo, about 2 hours and 10-30 minutes to Toyama by Hokuriku-Shinkansen.
  2. From Toyama to Tateyama, about 50-65 minutes by train on Toyama-Chihou Railroad.

To Oogisawa

  1. From Shinjuku to Matsumoto, about 2 hour and 30 minutes - 3 hours by limited express "Azusa" on JR Chuo Line.
    From Nagoya to Matsumoto, about 2 hours 5 minutes, by JR limited express "Shinano" on Chuo Line.
    Then from Matsumoto to Shinano-Oomachi, about 1 hour 10 minutes by local train on JR Ooito Line. (A few "Azusa"s go to Shinano-Oomachi directly.)
  2. From Shinano-Oomachi to Oogisawa, about 40 minites by route bus.

Cable car at Tateyama station
Old and big Tateyama cedars around Bijodaira
Shomyo Falls
Around Midagahara
Mount Tateyama from Murodou
Wall of snow along the road near Murodou in spring
Old Lodge (Murodou)
Trolleybus between Murodou and Daikanbou
Lake Kurobe and a ropeway from Daikanbou Cable car at Kurobe-ko station
Kurobe Dam Pleasure boat on Lake Kurobe
Trolleybus (Kurobe dam - Oogisawa) Oogisawa station

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