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Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture in Koshinetsu DistrictYamanashi PrefectureYamanashi Prefecture is located just west of Tokyo Metropolis.
And there is Shizuoka Prefecture to the south and Mount Fuji is on the prefectural border.

There is a basin in the center of the prefecture, and Kofu city, the prefectural capital, and main towns are in the basin.
And many mountains along the prefectural border surrounding the basin.
Especially along the western border, mountains as much as 2,600-3,000 meters high lie, so it is called "South Alps".

In the late 16th century, a strong warlord Shingen Takeda (1521-1573) appered, and he governed this area.
He had often invaded the neighboring areas with his strong troops, then his territory expanded.
But after his death, the Takeda family was lost in a battle with Nobunaga Oda who was the strongest rival in 1582.
After that, a castle was built in Kofu, then here became one of the important land because of the protection of Edo (current Tokyo).

But Shingen is a hero of Yamanashi, and many spots about him remain today.

When you travel Yamanashi, the scenery with many graperies comes in sight of you.
Grape is the famous products of Yamanashi.

To enter Yamanashi Prefecture is easy.
From Tokyo and Shinjuku, many limited expresses of JR Chuo Line are operated. We can reach Kofu within 2 hours.
And an expressway leads to Yamanashi Prefecture.

Yamanashi "Home of Mt.Fuji" Sightseeing Net : Yamanashi Prefecture Tourist Association official website

The climate in Kofu
Highest Temperature (deg C) 8.8 10.3 14.2 20.4 24.6 27.3 30.9 32.5 28.0 21.9 16.4 11.2
Lowest Temperature (deg C) -2.4 -1.0 2.7 8.3 13.3 17.9 21.8 22.8 19.1 12.3 5.5 -0.2
Mean monthly rainfall (mm) 34 45 83 83 78 131 133 146 191 108 55 24

The climate in Lake Kawaguchi
Highest Temperature (deg C) 5.3 6.1 9.7 15.9 19.9 22.6 26.5 27.6 23.3 17.8 13.3 8.4
Lowest Temperature (deg C) -6.2 -5.2 -1.7 3.3 8.5 13.2 17.5 18.0 14.6 7.9 1.7 -3.4
Mean monthly rainfall (mm) 55 57 102 105 124 162 163 250 253 177 79 42

Tourist spots in Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi prefecture map

Mount Fuji /1/
Fujigoko (Fuji Five Lakes) /2/
Oshino-hakkai (Springs of Mount Fuji) /3/
Aokigahara forest /4/
Fuji-Q Highland /5/
Koshu city /6/
Kofu /7/
Shosenkyo gorge /8/
Kuonji temple /9/
Yatsugatake Mountains /10/
Kiyosato highland /11/

Scenic or Nature / Park or Garden / Resort / City, Town or Village / Quarter or Street /
Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

Main events in Yamanashi Prefecture

Shingen-ko FestivalShingen-ko Festival (Around April 12th)

It is the festival held in Kofu city.
"Shingen-ko" is Shingen Takeda. April 12th is the anniversary of his death.
Since 1970, the highlight of this festival has been the parade of army led by Shingen. More than 1,600 medieval soldiers reproduce the scene going to a battle.

Yoshida Fire FestivalYoshida Fire Festival (August 26-27th)

It is the festival held in Fuji-Yoshida city located at the northern foot of Mount Fuji. It is the autumn festival of both Kitaguchi-honguu-Fuji-Sengen Jinja and Suwa Jinja shrines.
On the first day, two mikoshi (portable shrine) are carried throughout the city, and about 70 huge torches about 3 meters high are kindled in the evening.
On the second day, two mikoshi are carried again and they are returned to the original shrines.

Local foods and products in Yamanashi Prefecture


It is the popular local dish in Yamanashi Prefecture.
It is like noodle stew. But people in Yamanashi Prefecture say "It is neither a noodle nor a stew".
After kneading dough and flattening out it, the sort of like noodle is made by cutting into about a few centimeters wide strings.
And it is stewed with various vegitables in miso soup.


Grape is one of the most popular fruits in the world. In Japan, Yamanashi Prefecture is the largest production center, and produces the one-fourth amoun in Japan.
The basin in the prefecture is relatively low-railfall and there are the large difference in temperature between day and night. Additionally, the land is good runoff of water.
We can enjoy the grape picking at many graperies from August to October.

WineKoshu Wine

Yamanashi Prefecture is a major production area of grape, so there are many wineries.
Wine brewing in Yamanashi began around the 1870s. Now a quarter of Japanese wine is produced here.
The most popular wine is "Koshu". Koshu grape is a Japanese indigene, and has a mild acid taste and a light flavor. Commonly "Koshu wine" is a white wine.


Yamanashi Prefecture produces crystal. It is said that it was mined more than 400 years ago.
In the 1850s, the first process manufacturer of crystal appeared, and he had produced the accessories, eye glasses and Buddhist rosaries with crystal.
Since the early 20th century, the production was mechanized, so high-quality productions has been made in large quantities.
Now Yamanashi Prfecture is the main center of gem polishing in Japan.

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