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ChoshiChoshi area mapChoshi is a city located northeastrenmost part of Chiba Prefecture and east.
It is at the mouth of Tone River.

The fishing harbor in Choshi has one of largest fish catches in Japan, and especially many sardines are landed.
And Choshi city has two Japan's large shoyu (soy sauce) manufacturers, Yamasa and Higeta.

Choshi is surrounded by Pacific Ocean, then there are the tourist spots near coasts.

Two soy sauce factories /1/

There are two large soy sauce manufacturers around JR Choshi station.
Yamasa is located about 0.5 km east, and Higeta is located about 0.8 km west.
Both manufacturers have long histories, because Yamasa was founded in 1645 and Higeta was founded in 1616.

We can tour both factories. But basically, we have to have an appointment.

Yamasa Corporation official website
Higeta Shoyu official website

Choshi Port Tower /2/

Choshi Port TowerChoshi Port Tower is an observatory tower.
It is located about 3.5 km east-northeast of Choshi station, and is on the coast just at the mouth of Tone River.
The height is about 58 meters, and there are the observatory rooms at a height of 43-47 meters.
We can see the Choshi fishing harbor, Tone River and Pacific Ocean.
Near here, there is "Wosse 21", the commercial facility for visitors, and it has more than a dozen fishery product shops and restaurants.
From Choshi station, it takes 20 minutes by route bus.

Choshi-dentetsu railroad /3/

Choshi dentetsu railroadChoshi-dentetsu (Choshi Electric Railway) is a small railroad company founded in 1913, and has a route from JR Choshi station to Tokawa. The length is only 6.4 km.
In 2006, the president was arrested for embezzling 110 million yen of the company's money.
This had caused the scarcity of operating funds, then the company had been unable to do legal vehicle inspection after three months.
So this company supplicated on the Web to buy the Japanese soft cracker "Nure-senbei" which is one of the products of their auxiliary businesses, with a message, "We must get the money to repair our trams..."
This had produced a lot of reaction and gotten into the media, then "Nure-senbei" had been hot sellers quickly.
After that, a voluntary group was formed, and they had run a fundraising campaign and done cleaning activity along the rail.
But the company remains on unfavorable business conditions.

This railroad runs near some sightseeing spots. Please use this railroad, when you visit Choshi.
Additionally please buy "Nure-senbei" and other products of this company.

Cape Inubo /4/

Cape InuboIt is a cape located about 5 km southeast of central Choshi city. In Japanese, it is called "Inubousaki".
It faces Pacific Ocean, and is known for the Japan's earliest place of sunrise in winter. Especially many people visit here to see the first sunrise of the year.
A white lighthouse is built on the tip of the cape.
There is "Kimigahama beach" to the north of cape.
To visit here, get off at Inubo station on Choshi-dentetsu Line, and walk about 10 minutes.

Mount Atago observatory /5/

Mount Atago observatoryMount Atago is a small mountain located about 1.5 km west of Cape Inubo, and the height is only about 74 meters.
On the top, there is the observatory building. In Japanese, it is called "Chikyuu no maruku mieru oka tenboukan", and the long name means "Observatory where we can see the round earth".
From here, we can enjoy 360-degree view, and additionally we can see the sea with a 330-degree field of view.
This facility is open from 9:00 (8:30 from July to September) to sunset, then we can see Mount Fuji in silhouette at sunset if it is fine.
To visit here, get off at Inubo station on Choshi-dentetsu Line, and walk about 15 minutes.

Tokawa /6/

TokawaTokawa is a small town with fishing harbor, and is located about 5 km southeast of central Choshi.
This harbor was built in 1661, and the town also was built on a grid around the same time.
We can see the rustic scenery of the town.
Tokawa station is the terminal of Choshi-dentetsu.

Byobugaura cliffs /7/

ByobugauraIt is the cliffs extending for 10 km along the south coast of Choshi city.
The height is 40-50 meters, and we can see streaky strata on the surface.
The magnificent view is similar to "White cliffs" of Dover in England.

We can see this cliffs from Mount Atago Observatory.
If you want to see them up close, get on the route bus to Naarai from Choshi station.
The bus arrives in about 10 minutes, then walk about 5 minutes to the coast.

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How to get to here


From Tokyo, about 1 hour and 50-55 minutes by JR limited express "Shiosai".

By express buses

From Tokyo station, 2 hours and 6 minutes to Choshi station, 2 hours and 20 minutes to Cape Inubo.

Choshi fishing harbor
Choshi-Ohashi bridge and Tone River
Higeta shoyu factory
Choshi Port Tower
Wosse 21 and Choshi Port Tower
A tram of Choshi-dentetsu
Savior of company, "Nure-senbei" She is baking "Nure-senbei".
A donated stone figure Cape Inubo
Cape Inubo from Kimigahama Running tram around Kimigahama
Mount Atago Observatory A view from Mount Atago Observatory
A slope street in Tokawa town Tokawa fishing harbor
Byobugaura near Naarai Byobugaura

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