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Ushiku Daibutsu

Ushiku DaibutsuUshiku Daibutsu is a huge Buddha statue, and is located about 7 km east of Ushiku station on JR Joban Line.

It was built in 1989 as a monument in the cemetery of Pure Land Buddhism.
But most of all, the size is amazingly big.
The bronze statue is 100 meters high, and its foundation is 20 meters high, then the the whole height is 120 meters !

The famous Great Buddha in Nara is only palm-size.
And this is about three times as large as the Statue of Liberty in New York.
This has been entered into the Guinness Book of Records.
The gross weight is 4,000 tons.

This statue has the shape of an orthodox Amitabha Buddha which is the main Buddha in Pure Land Buddhism.

This has five stories internally, and we can enter there.
There are some museums and halls on the floors.
The highest floor is at the level of the chest of Buddha, the Buddha's ashes are enshrined.
From the floor, we can look down on the earth.

There is a replica of head and toe near the statue.

How to get to here

By railroad

  1. Get off at Ushiku station on JR Joban Line. From Ueno, about 43 minutes by rapid train, about 55-63 minutes by local train.
  2. From Ushiku station, by route bus to Ushiku-joen, about 34 minutes.

By car

Run the Ken-o Expressway, and exit at Ami-Higashi Exit. About 3 km from there.

Ushiku Daibutsu
The replica of head
From below A bell near Ushiku Daibutsu
A statue displaying in the museum A scenery from Daibutsu

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