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OdaibaOdaiba map Odaiba is an reclaimed area in Tokyo Bay, and today here is the popular area as new Tokyo waterfront subcenter.
The location is about 3 km east of JR Shinagawa station.
It is connected by Rainbow Bridge with mainland.

"Daiba" means "battery". "O" is the prefix making the word courteous.

When Japan had been closed off to the world under Edo government, suddenly the U.S. freet to require Japan to open the country appeared near Japan in 1853.
The government built the eight batteries in Tokyo Bay in a hurry.
But these had never used, then Japan had opened the country the next year.

In the 20th century these had been bought to the private sectors, but most of them had been demolished or been landfilled.
Today, only the 3rd and 6th batteries are remaining as historical sites near current Odaiba area.

Odaiba area is about 3 km from east to west and 2 km from north to south in width.
Officially, "Odaiba district" is only the northwest part. The southwest part is called "Aomi district" and the east part is called "Ariake district".

Tokyo, Odaiba seaside park

Odaiba area is popular as a date spot.
We can see the view of Tokyo Bay and enjoy the night view of central Tokyo in the evening.
And there are some touring spots, entertainment complexes and shopping malls in this area.

The most popular transportation is Yurikamome. It connects between here and Shinbashi through Rainbow Bridge.
And Rinkai Line is running underground through this area from east to west.

Odaiba seaside park /1/

Odaiba seaside parkIt is a park along the northwest beach of Odaiba area.
It is an artificial beach bent at a right angle, and the total length is about 1.5 km.
The north and east part is sand beach, and the west part is rocky shore for fishing.
Near rocky shore, there is the 11-meters tall replica of "Statue of Liberty" in Paris. Because the real one had been placed here for a year in commemoration of "Annivaesary of France in Japan" in 1998.

Along the beach, "Sky Walk" is set up. It is like a sky walkway.
We can see Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, the buildings along the Tokyo waterfront area and the ship on Tokyo Bay from here.

The nearest station is "Odaiba-kaihinkoen" or "Daiba" on Yurikamome.

Daiba park /2/

Daiba parkIt is a park connecting to Odaiba seaside park with a breakwater, and is the former 3rd battery.
The site is nearly square about 160 meters on a side, and is on the stone wall over 5 meters high.
In the site, there are the remains of batteries, ammunition depot, army barracks and so on.
From here, we can enjoy the nice view.
There is the 6th battery on Tokyo bay about 300 meters to the west of this park. (It is the forbidden spot.)

Museum of Maritime Science /3/

Museum of Maritime ScienceIt is the museum which shows the structure and history of ship and vessel and displays some ship, its parts and related articles. It was opened in 1974.
It is located on southwest coast of Odaiba area, and is near "Fune-no-kagakukan" station of Yurikamome.
The building itsself has the shape of ship.
The visible articles on display are the train ferry "Yoteimaru" which had traveled between Aomori and hakodate until 1988, and the Japan's first Antarctic observation ship "Soya".

Pamphlet of Museum of Maritime Science

Miraikan /4/

MiraikanIt is the museum introducing the latest science and technology, and is located 0.3 km southeast of Museum of Maritime Science. The formal name is "National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation". It was opened in 2001.
We can know the hot robotics technology, computer technology, biological science, space technology and global environmental protection.
Additionally we can meet the famous two-legged robot ASIMO which has been developed by Honda (a Japanese automaker).

Miraikan official website

Tokyo Big Sight /5/

Tokyo Big SightIt is a big convention center and was opeened in 1996, and the formal name is "Tokyo International Exhibition Center" (In Japanese, "Tokyo Kokusai-tenjijo").
It is located in Ariake district.
It has two big exhibition halls and a conference tower between them. The conference tower has the structure combined reversed 4 square pyramids on the top.

Many exhibithions and events are held all the year over.
Tthe following events are famous for fanatics.
Comic Market / Dolls Party / Wonder Festival (for garage kit) / Japan Association Modelrailroaders Convention

The nearest station is "Kokusai-tenjijo-seimen" on Yurikamome or "Kokusai-tenjijo" on Rinkai Line.

Tokyo Big Sight official website

Some other spots

  • DECKS Tokyo Beach /11/ : A commercial complex near Odaiba seaside park. There are restaurants, cafes and shops. The mall of "Little Hong Kong" and amusement floors "Joypolis" are unique.
    DECKS Tokyo Beach official website
  • AQUA CITY ODAIBA /12/ : A commercial complex west next to DECKS Tokyo Beach. There are restaurants, cafes and shops. It contains the other commercial complex "Mediage".
    AQUA CITY ODAIBA official website
  • Fuji Television Network headquarter building /13/ : The building of one of main commercial broadcaster in Japan, located to the south of AQUA CITY ODAIBA. The form of building is unique.
  • Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari /14/ : A Japanese-style hot spring resort located to the south of Miraikan. Natural hot springs pumped from 1,400 meters underground are used. But this is scheduled to be closed in 2013, because the area is rented from Tokyo metropolitan government for a limited time.
    Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari official website
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How to get to here

By Yurikamome

  • From Shinbashi to "Odaiba-kaihinkoen" 13 minutes, to "Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon" 22 minutes.

By Rinkai Line

  • From Osaki to "Tokyo Teleport" 11 minutes, to "Kokusai-tenjijo" 13 minutes.

Odaiba seaside park
Odaiba seaside park
Statue of Liberty on Odaiba seaside park
Night view of Odaiba area from the sea
Daiba park
One of the remains on Daiba park
The 6th Battery
Museum of Maritime Science
Soya and Yoteimaru in Museum of Maritime Science
Tokyo Big Sight
East exhibition hall in Tokyo Big Sight
DECKS Tokyo Beach in Odaiba
"Little Hong Kong" mall in DECKS Tokyo Beach
AQUA CITY ODAIBA The building of Fuji TV in Odaiba
The view of Odaiba from the sea The view from the building of Fuji TV

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