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Shimanto city

Shimanto cityMap of Shimanto city Shimanto city is at the southwestern part of Kochi Prefecture, and the name of city fad been "Nakamura" until 2005.
It is located about 100 km southwest of Kochi city.
And Cape Ashizuri is about 35 km south of this city.

Shimanto River flows through the city.
It has often been called "the last clear stream of Japan".

Of course, there are some rivers with better quality of water than Shimanto River in Japan.
Many tributaries from the mountains with rich forests flow into this river. But this river has no large dam.
In the clear water, various fish and aquatic organism make their habitats.
And people has used this river in good harmony with nature.

That's why Shimanto River is called so.

The central Shimanto city is about 10 km from the mouth of Shimanto River.
It is a historic small town.

Ichijo Family was a court noble in Kyoto.
They came to this area in 1475 to avoid the civil war in Kyoto.
After the war, only Fusaie Ichijo (1475-1539) didn't return to Kyoto, and built a grid town like Kyoto here.
So this city is called "Little Kyoto in Tosa". (Tosa is the old name of Kochi Prefecture.)
Unfortunately, most of the old buildings were destoyed by Nankai megathrust earthquake in 1946.

There are some spots in the city and along Shimanto River.
To tour around these spots, it is not convenient to use route buses. You should use a rental bicycle or a taxi.
And along Shimanto River, there are several pleasure boat houses.
We can enjoy the viewing of the river and seeing the traditional fishing on the boat.

Sightseeing spots in Shimanto city

  • Taiheiji temple /1/ : A Buddhist temple located about 0.5 km west-northwest of JR Nakamura station.
    It was founded in 1353 by Kaihoushoukouni, a nun, supported by a priest Kakuun.
    There has been the sitting statues of the two in the temple, and they are designated as national important cultural properties.
  • Fuba-Hachimanguu shrine /2/ : A Shinto shrine located about 0.8 km southwest of Nakamura station.
    It was founded by Ichijo family, when this town was constructed in the late 15th century.
    he main temple is designated as national important cultural property.
  • Ichijo Shrine /3/ : A Shinto shrine located about 1.5 km of Nakamura station.
    It is situated right in the middle of the old town.
    Originally, here was the palace of Ichijo family. After destruction of Ichijo family, a mausoleum was built in 1607 on the site.
    Then this shrine was founded in 1862.
    The current main shrine was built in 1944.
  • Hata Local Museum /4/ : The museum displaying various historic articles since the period of Ichijo family.
    It is on the hill about 0.5 km northwest of Ichijo Shrine, and there was Nakamura castle in the 17th century on this site.
  • Yasunami Suisha-no-sato /5/ : Some water wheels for irrigation of rice field in Yasunami district.
    It is located in the peaceful rice fields about 1.5 km north of old town.
    Previously, many water wheels were in this area. But they are no longer in use now.
    So only a few water wheels remain preserved for visitors.
  • Dragonfly Natural Park /6/ : A natural park located about 3 km west of old town.
    There many ponds, grass field and forests in the park. Then 74 kinds of dragonfly were found here.
    The number is the largest in Japan in density.
  • Low water bridge in Sada district /7/ : Low water bridge is a simple bridge, and it is called in "Chinkabashi" in Japanese.
    It provides a bridge when water flow is low. Under high flow conditions, water runs over the roadway.
    It has no parapet not to be washed away.
    This approach is cheaper than building a bridge to raise the level of the road above the highest flood stage of a river. And even if it has been damaged by a flood, it is easy to repair.
    Such bridge has been built as community road in underpopulated areas.
    It is said that 410 low water bridges were found in Japan in 2007, and 47 of them are along Shimanto River.
    The bridge in Sada district is the nearest from the old town, and is located about 7 km northwest of the old town.
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Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

How to get to here

By railroad

By JR limited express "Nanpu","Ashizuri","Shimanto", about 1 hour and 40-50 minutes from Kochi to Nakamura.

Statues in Taiheiji
Fuba Hachimangu Ichijo Shrine
Hata Local Museum Yasunami Suisha-no-sato
By Kochi Visitors and Convention Association
Shimanto River
Photo by Kochi Visitors and Convention Association
Dragonfly Natural Park
By Kochi Visitors and Convention Association
Pleasure boats of Shimanto River
Low water bridge in Sada district
By Kochi Visitors and Convention Association
Swollen Shimanto River
By Kochi Visitors and Convention Association

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