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Ehime Prefecture

Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku DistrictEhime PrefectureEhime Prefecture is the prefecture covering the west and northwest areas of Shikoku Island.

The northern coast faces Seto Inland Sea (Seto Naikai).
Very long and narrow Sadamisaki Peninsula stretches to the west, and the western coast from there faces Bungo Channel connecting to Pacific Ocean.
Especially, the sea near Ehime Prefecture in the channel is called Uwa Sea.

The prefectural capital is Matsuyama city located near the center of the prefecture.
It is the largest city in Shikoku Island and has a population of about 515 thousand people.

There are flatlands around Matsuyama and along the northern coast, but other area is mountainous.
To the east of Matsuyama city, there is Mount Ishizuchi (1,982 meters high) which is the highest mountain in Shokoku Island.

Along the northern coast, industrial area spreads.
Along the western coast, fishing industry is main, and the amount of production of cultured sea bream is the number one in Japan.
And citrus in Ehime is popular.

Ehime Prefecture has some old city with castle.
Because, several domains were founded in the Edo Period (1603-1868).
Each city has slightly different culture.

To visit Ehime Prefecture, it is convenient to use railroad or airplain.
By JR limited express, it takes within 3 hours from Okayama.

Matsuyama Airport is located about 5 km west of central Matsuyama city.
It has the flights from Haneda (Tokyo), Itami (Osaka), Chubu, Nagoya and some other cities.
Additionally, it has the international flights from Seoul and Shanghai.

Ehime Tourism Information : Ehime Prefecture official website

The climate in Matsuyama
Highest Temperature (deg C) 9.8 10.6 13.9 19.4 23.6 26.8 30.9 32.1 28.6 23.3 17.8 12.6
Lowest Temperature (deg C) 2.3 2.5 5.2 10.0 14.7 19.1 23.5 24.2 20.8 14.5 9.2 4.5
Mean monthly rainfall (mm) 52 66 102 108 142 224 192 90 130 97 68 46

Tourist spots in Ehime Prefecture

Ehime Prefecture map

Matsuyama city /1/
Shimanami Kaido /2/
Uchiko town /3/
Oozu city /4/
Omogo Gorge /5/
Uwajima Castle /6/

Scenic or Nature / Park or Garden / Resort / City, Town or Village / Quarter or Street /
Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

Main events in Ehime Prefecture

Saijo FestivalSaijo Festival (Mid-October)

It is the annual events of four Shinto shrines in Saijo city located at the northeast part of Ehime Prefecture.
They are Isono Shrine, Iwaoka Shrine, Iizumi Shrine and Kamo Shrine, and each shrine has a different dates of the festival. (Each festival has two days.)
Each shrine has many floats called "Danjiri", and people march through the streets with pulling them.
Isono Shrine has the largest scale of the festival, and more than 80 Danjiri are pulled.
This festival has been held since the mid-18th century.
Saijo citizens love this festival, but they think that this festival is not an event for attracting many visitors but one of important Shinto rituals.

Niihama Taiko FestivalNiihama Taiko Festival (October 16-18th)

It is the annual event held in Niihama city located about 10 km east of Saijo city.
It has been created around late 19th century, and is the most dynamic but roughest festival in Shikoku Island.
"Taiko" means "drum", and about 150 men carry a frame on which a big drum with colorful decoration is set up.
A few men beat the drum on the frame, and it marches through the streets. And the frame is sometimes raised above the men to show their powers and gorgeousness of the decoration.
Every year, some fightings between the frames occur in excitement.
Some say that it is a sight to see, but it has caused many injuries and arrested men every year.

Bullfighting in UwajimaBullfighting in Uwajima

Uwajima is one of the towns with bullfighting, and is the only one place in Shikoku Island.
Bullfighting in Uwajima has been held from ancient times. The best days were in the early 20th century, and seeing bullfighting was the popular amusement in Uwajima.
Now, five tournaments a year are held for preservation of the traditional culture and tourism.

Local foods and products in Ehime Prefecture


It is a dish that sliced sea bream are topped on rice, and is the local cuisine in Ehime Prefecture. "Tai" means "sea bream" and "meshi" means "rice".
But the northern part (e.g. Matsuyama, Imabari) and the southren part (e.g. Uwajima) of the prefecture cook them at different recipe.
At the northern part, sliced or whole sea bream is topped on rice in a pot, and is boiled.
At the southern part, sliced raw sea bream is used. Some pieces of them are topped on boiled rice, the mixed sauce of beaten egg, soy sauce and dashi broth is poured, and chopped green onion, nori (dried laver seaweed) and sesami are topped.


It is a deep-fried fish paste.
There are similar foods all over Japan, but Ehime's one is made from a deep-sea fish named "Hotaru-jako".
The head and guts are removed from the fish, and the flesh, bones and skin are minced.
And thin and rectanglar cakes of the mince are deep-fried.
These are made in factory, we can get them at the shop in Ehime Prefecture.

POM JuicePOM Juice

Ehime Prefecture is second only to Wakayama in mikan (Japanese popular citrus) production in Japan.
And POM Juice is a mikan juice product made by a company in the prefecture. The products are sold across the country.
The taste is sweet and sour, and is similar to common orange juice.
In Ehime Prefecture, POM Juices are distributed to all pupils in the public elementary and junior high schools at lunchtime once a week in summer.
Some say, "POM Juice is the blood of the people of Ehime".

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