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Omogo Gorge

Omogo Gorge Omogo Gorge ("Omogokei" in Japanese) is a gorge formed by Omogo River, and is located about 40 km east -southeast of Matsuyama city.

There is Mount Ishizuchi (1,982 meters high) about 7 km north of this gorge.
Mount Ishizuchi is the highest mountain in western Japan, and one of trails up the mountain starts from here.

Omogo River flows down from Mount Ishizuchi, through the center of Shikoku Island with changing direction, and into Pacific Ocean to the west of Kochi city.
(The name of the river is called Niyodo River in Kochi Prefecture.)
Omogo Gorge is at the most upstream of the river.

The total length of the gorge is about 10 km, and the walking trail about 5 km long is set up along the gorge.

At the entrance of the gorge, there is Omogo Mountain Museum.
It introduces the nature such as animals, plants, rocks, and the ancient mountain worship of Mount Ishizuchi.
Here is the terminal of route bus, and the walking trail starts from here. (Cars can run on the trail for more 2 km.)

There are some sightseeing spots along the trail.

  • Kanmon (Near Omogo Mountai Museum) : The river flows through a very narrow route between steep rocks.
  • Goshiki-gawara (1.5 km point) : One of the nice scenery points and there is a hotel.
    "Goshiki" means "five colors".
    1) Blue (Water), 2) Black (Moss), 3) White (Rock), 4) Green (Algae), 5) Red (Red maple in autumn)
  • Kamehara (1.7 km point) : A huge monolith about 100 meters high and about 200 meters wide.
    Cars can reach here.
  • Momiji-gawara (2.0 km point) : One of the nice scenery points.
    "Momiji" means "maple leaf". The red-colored maple leaves in autumn are very beautiful in this gorge.

How to get to here

By route bus

From Matsuyama-shi station to Kuma, about 1 hour and 8 minutes.
Transfer to the bus to Omogo. From Kuma to Omogo, about 1 hour.

Omogo Mountain Museum
By Matsuyama Tourism & Convention Bureau
Kanmon in Omogokei
Photo by Kogashitsu Kabegami
Very clear water of Omogo River
Photo by Kogashitsu Kabegami
Photo by Kogashitsu Kabegami
Goshiki Bridge at Goshikigawara
By Matsuyama Tourism & Convention Bureau
Photo by Kogashitsu Kabegami
Photo by Kogashitsu Kabegami

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