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Mount Washu

WashuzanMount Washu ("Washuzan" in Japanese) is a small mountain, and is located about 20 km south of central Kurashiki city.
The height is 133 meters and is on a small peninsula extending into Seto Inland Sea.

There are two observarories near the top. The view at the observatories is very nice.
The position of the peninsula is just center of the channel between Okayama Prefecture and Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku Island.
There are several small islands in the sea.
So we can enjoy the quintessential scenery of Seto Inland Sea.

The distance between Honshu Island and Shikoku island is only 10 km.
So Great Seto Bridge (Seto-Ohashi in Japanese, 13.1 km) connects both islands, and it has both expressway and railroad (JR).
The brige is one of the elements of the scenery.

The route buses come to the second observatory (Daini-Tenboudai).
The main observatory is near the top of the mountain, and we walk several hundred meters to there from the second observatory.
A rest house with shop and restaurant is near the second observatory, and the visitor center is near the main observatory.

How to get to here

By railroad

  1. By rapid train or limited express on JR Seto-Ohashi Line, about 20-25 minutes from Okayama to Kojima.
  2. By route bus, about 25 minutes from Kojima station to Daini-Tenboudai stop.
    "Sunset watching bus" runs from Kojima station in the evening every weekend.
    We can watch the sunset at the observatory for about 15 minutes, and the bus returns to Kojima station.
    The start time differs each month. (16:00 in late autumn - 18:00 in early summer)

Islands in Seto Inland Sea
Setting sun
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