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Kakunodate town

Kakunodate townKakunodate townKakunodate town is located 15 km southwest of Lake Tazawa and 45 km east-southeast of Akita city.

This town was built in 1620 by Yoshikatsu Ashina, the lord of this region.
He built a castle on a hill at the northern edge of the town, and developed a new town to the south area of the castle.
The north part is the area where samurai lived, and the south part is the area where marchants lived.
The castle was broken down soon, because it was made redundant in this region.

Since that, fortunately, Kakunodate town has escaped the damage by all wars in Japanese history.
Therefore, this town keeps an old cityscape of those days.

The Ashina Clan had close ties to Kyoto, then Kakunodate is often called "Shoo-Kyoto" (Small Kyoto).

Old samurai residences

Old samurai residencesThe former samurai town is located about 0.8 km northwest of Kakunodate station.
A main street runs to the north in this area, and there are old residences along its 800-meter length.
Some residences are opened to the public. Main residences are "Onoda's", "Kwarada's", "Iwahashi's", "Aoyagi's", "Ishiguro's" and so on.

Along this street, there are a few hundred of "Shidare-zakura" which are the cherry blossom trees whose branches are hanging.
All of this trees are over 300 years old, then most of them are designated as natural treasures.

Additionally along Hinokinai River flowing along the west side of this town, ten thousand cherry blossom trees are planted.
In late April these trees put out countless blossoms, then here is one of major cherry blossom-viewing spots.

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How to get to Kakunodate

By Shinkansen

  • From Morioka, about 50-55 minutes. From Tokyo, about 3 hours 10-30 minutes.
  • From Akita, about 45 minutes.

By car

  • From Morioka, about 65 km, 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • From Akita, about 50 km, 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Old samurai residences street in Kakunodate
One of samurai residences in Kakunodate
Photo by Nihonrettou-Okunijiman
Rickshaw for sightseeing in kakunodate
Cherry trees along Hinokinai River

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