Akita city [秋田]

Moat of Senshu Park

Kanto Festival
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Akita city is the capital of Akita Prefecture and is located nearly in the center of the west coast of the prefecture.

It has a population of about 300 thousand people.

Originally, Akita Clan had governed here, but Satake Clan had been transferred to this area in 1602.

Satake Yoshinobu, the first lord, built Kubota Castle at current Senshu Park in 1604, then the city has developed.

In 1871, the name of city was changed from Kubota to Akita again by new Meiji government.
Since that, this city has been the center of Akita Prefecture.

Akita Kanto Festival is held around central Akita city from August 3 to 6.

Akitachi Plus

Senshu Park (千秋公園)

Rebuilt main gate in Senshu Park

Rebuilt turret in Senshu Park
Photo by Akita prefecture

Senshu Park is a park located about 0.5 km west of JR Akita station.

Originally, here was the site of Kubota Castle built in 1604.
It had no castle tower and stone wall, but there were some turrets and earthworks.

In 1880, most turrets was destroyed by fire.
After that, this site became Senshu Park when the redevelopement of urban area was executed.

The site is about 400 meters north to south, and about 350 meters east to west.
A turret was rebuilt in 1989 and the main gate of the castle was rebuilt in 2001.
And, there are the city hall, library and other public facilities in this park.

Japanese garden in Senshu Park

Torii gates in Senshu Park
Photo by Akita prefecture

As a park, there are many trees and gardens.
And there are a Japanese tea-ceremony house built in 1953 and a few Shinto shrines (Iyataka Shrine and Hachiman-Akita Shrine, etc.).

SELION (セリオン)


View from SELION
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SELION is an observation tower near Akita Port, and is located about 7 km west-northwest of JR Akita station.

It was opened in 1994.
It is 143 meters high and there is an observation room at a height of 100 meters.

We can see the Akita city and the sunset over the Sea of Japan.
Additionally, we can see Oga peninsula and Mount Chokai distantly.

By route bus, about 25 minutes from JR Akita station.

How to get here

By Tohoku-Shinkansen, about 4 hours and 10 to 20 minutes from Tokyo.

By airplane, after arriving at Akita airport, about 40 minutes by route bus.

Hotels in Akita

Hotels in Akita

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