Aikoku Station & Kofuku Station [愛国駅、幸福駅]

Aikoku Station, Photo by

Kofuku Station
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Aikoku and Kofuku are the names of small railroad stations.

From Obihiro, Hiroo Line of national railway ran to the south.
But it was abolished in 1987.
(The national railway was privatized as JR Hokkaido that year.)

Aikoku and Kofuku are the intermediate stations of Hiroo Line.
Aikoku is located about 11 km south of Obihiro, and Kofuku is located about 22 km south of Obihiro.
Both stations are in extensive fields, and there are only some houses around them.

Of course, no train comes to these stations today.
(Most rails of the line have already been removed.)

But Japanese tourists still visit the stations.

Because, the names of the stations are very lucky.
Aikoku means "Land of love", and Kofuku means exactly "Happiness".

Therefore, even when Hiroo Line was active, the ticket from Aikoku (Land of love) to Kofuku (Happiness) sold well as a talisman to bring them happiness.

These station names came from each district.
The districts were named by the settlers from the mainland of Japan in the late 19th century.

Monument of the ticket from Aikoku to Kofuku,
Photo by T.Kiya

Preserved steam locomotive at Aikoku station
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The station building of Aikoku has been reformed to the museum.
And a steam locomotive are preserved by the station.
In addition, there are a few monuments for "lovers".

Inside of waiting room of Kofuku station
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Bell of Happiness at Kofuku station
Photo by yuko_ppp2501

At Kofuku station, an original waiting room remains.
Inside the room, an enormous number of tickets and cards are stuck on the wall by the tourists.
(Because, the destination of above ticket is this station.)
Two diesel cars used for Hiroo Line are preserved by the station.
In addition, there is "Bell of Happiness" in front of the station.

How to get here

By route bus from Obihiro station to Hiroo, about 36 minutes to Aikoku stop, about 51 minutes to Kofuku stop.
(From Kofuku stop to Kofuku Station, you must walk about 400 meters.)

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