Abashiri Prison Museum [網走監獄]

The gate of Abashiri Prison Museum
Photo by Abashiri city

Inside of a prison house
Photo by Abashiri city

Abashiri Prison Museum is a museum that some buildings and structures of the former Abashiri Prison were removed and rebuilt here in 1983.

It is on the west side of Mount Tento, and is located about 3.5 km southwest of Abashiri station.
Real Abashiri prison is located about 2 km north of this museum.

Most of the buildings were built in 1890.
At that time, political or violent criminals were sent to Abashiri prison.
And, inhuman working was imposed on them.

Additionally, it was most difficult in Japan to break this prison.
So, Abashiri Prison had been known as the most terrible prison.

Since the middle of the 20th century, Abashiri prison has become a common prison.

Because of notorious prison, a Japanese "Yakuza" (gangster) movie set in this prison in the 1960s and it was a big hit.
Since that, Abashiri Prison became a famous tourist spot.

Image of farm work by prisoners
Photo by Railstation.net

Meal for current prisoner
Photo by Railstation.net

In this museum, we can know the prison at that time.

When the prison was rebuilt, main historic buildings were moved to this place for preservation.

We can see the inside of the buildings and reproducing of the hard works at that time.

And you can try to eat the meal for current prisoner in the old dining hall, for a fee.

By the way, the prisoners raise Wagyu (Japanese cattle) as a labor now.
The beef of Wagyu is high quality and tasty.
It became a brand beef.

Abashiri Prison Museum

How to get here

By route bus, about 7 minutes from JR Abashiri station.

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