Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum [オホーツク流氷館]

Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum
Photo by Abashiri city

Real ryuhyo in cold room
Photo by Abashiri Tourism Association

Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum is a museum about ryuhyo (drift ice).
It is located about 3 km southwest of central Abashiri city, and is near the top of Mount Tento.

You can learn about ryuhyo (drift ice) and the sea under the ryuhyo.

There are the real blocks of drift ice in a room kept at 15 degrees below zero.
You can realize rapid freezing of a wet towel in the room.

Frozen wet towels in cold room
Photo by Abashiri Tourism Association

Photo by Abashiri Tourism Association

And there is a small aquarium of marine creatures under ryuhyo.

Especially, "clione" is the most popular one among them.
It is a kind of small floating sea slugs (about 1 to 2 centimeters) and the shape is like "angel".
You can see the cliones swimming cutely there.

Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum

How to get here

By route bus, about 12 minutes from JR Abashiri station.

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