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Wajima city

Wajima cityWajima city mapWajima is a city positioned on the north coast of Noto Peninsula, and is located about 100 km north of Kanazawa city.

Noto Peninsula extends long into the Sea of Japan from the mainland of Japan, so the visitors from the continent (China or Korea) sometimes came ashore around Wajima in ancient times.
At that time, Chinese called Japan "Wa".
And when the drifters from the continent found this town, they thought that it was on an island. Island is called as "shima" in Japanese.
So it is said that "Wa" and "shima" became "Wajima" as the city name.
Wajima had been one of the main port towns in the middle ages.

The main industry of Wajima is fishery.
And Wajima lacquerware is known as the traditional artifact.

Wajima Morning Market /1/

Wajima Morning Market It is the street market held near Wajima Port. Most Japanese people think that Wajima is synonymous with Morning Market.
The market has been held for about a thousand years. The ancient market was the place for barter of goods.
It is opened from eight to twelve, and is held basically every day except the 10th and 25th of each month.
Along the street about 360 meters long, more than 200 stalls are opened.
Most of the sellers are women. And they sell fresh fish, shells, seaweeds and vegitables and the other goods.

Ishikawa Wajima Urushi Art Museum /2/

Ishikawa Wajima Urushi Art Museum It is a museum about industrial art using "urushi" (Japanese lacquer from lacquer tree), and is located about 1 km southwest of central Wajima around Morning Market.
Wajima lacquerware is one of Japan's excellent works of usushi.
This museum introduces the artifact of urushi, and displays many works in the world.

Kiriko Kaikan museum /3/

Kiriko Kaikan museum It is a museum of Kiriko Festival, and is located about 1.5 km east of the street of Morning Market.
Kiriko Festival is held in many towns in Noto area.
Kiriko is a tall lantern on a frame, and is carried by many people with the other Mikoshi (portable shrine) in the festivels.
In this museum, many Kirikos are displayed and we can feel the fervor of the festival with listening to the festival music.

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How to get to here

By airplane

  1. From Haneda Airport (Tokyo) to Noto Airport, about 1 hour.
  2. By route bus, about 25 minutes from Noto Airport to Wajima.

By express route bus

From JR Kanazawa station, about 2 hours.
From JR Wakura-onsen station, about 1 hour 5 minutes.

By car

Run on the Noto Yuryo Road, and exit at Anamizu Exit. About 90 km from central Kanazawa city.
Then about 20 km to central Wajima city.

Street of Morning Market
Morning Market
Ishikawa Wajima Urushi Art Museum
Wajima lacquerware
Kiriko Kaikan
Displayed Kiriko

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