Tourist spot in Fukushima city

Hanamiyama Park [花見山公園]

Hanamiyama Park

Flowers in Hanamiyama Park

Hanamiyama Park is located about 4 km southeast of JR Fukushima station.
This park is on a hill in the suburbs.

It is a private ground of flower farms.
But, the whole area is open to the public by the owner of the farm as a flower garden since 1959.

A scenery in Hanamiyama Park

Hanamiyama Park in spring

Various colorful flowers are blossoming through the year, and the scenery is wonderful.

Akiyama Shotaro (1920-2003), a famous Japanese photographer, said about this park, "A fairyland is in Fukushima."
In fact, he had visited here every year.

How to get here

By route bus for Watari from Fukushima station, it takes 14 minutes.
Then, walk for 25 minutes.

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