Tourist spot in Matsushima

Godaidou temple [五大堂]

Photo by Miyagi Prefecture


Godaidou is a Buddhist temple.
It is located 0.2 km east of Kanrantei.

It is built on a small island by the coast.

Originally it was built in 807.
After that, Priest En-nin enshrined five Buddha statues in this temple when he founded Zuiganji temple.

Current temple was rebuilt by Date Masamune in 1604.

Bridge to Godaidou
Bridge to Godaidou

Worshipping people at Godaidou
Worshipping people at Godaidou

We can visit there across a bridge.
But, many gaps are made on the bridge.
That means that you must increase your powers of concentration stepping carefully before worship.

The five statues in the temple are exposed only once every 33 years.
The last exposition was in 2006, so we can't see them until 2039.

How to get here

About 700 meters walk from JR Matsushima-kaigan station.
About 300 meters walk from Kanrantei.

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