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Oita Prefecture

Oita Prefecture in Kyushu DistrictOita PrefectureOita Prefecture is located at the northeast part of Kyushu Island.
In Japanese, "Oita" is pronounced long as "Ooita".

This prefecture is mountainous, and there are many hot springs.
It has the most number of springs and amount of discharge.
Beppu and Yufuin are the well-known hot spring resorts.

This area has a moderate climate.

Since the middle ages, several small cities with castle had developed throughout the area.
No centripetal city had been formed, but each city had a local character.

At the beginning of the Meiji period (1868-1912), Oita city became the prefectural capital.
Since that, Oita city has grown up to be the central city of this prefecture.

To visit Oita Prefecture, we can use the limited express of JR Nippo Line.
To Oita, it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Kokura, about 2 hours from Hakata.

Oita Airport is located about 35 km north-northeast of Oita city.
By express bus, it takes about 40 minutes to Beppu and about 1 hour to Oita city.
It has the flights from Haneda (Tokyo), Itami (Osaka), and Chubu (Nagoya).
Additionally, it has the international flights from Seoul.

Oita Prefecture Guide
Oita Airport official website

The climate in Oita city
Highest Temperature (deg C) 10.5 11.1 14.1 19.3 23.5 26.5 30.6 31.8 28.0 22.9 17.9 13.0
Lowest Temperature (deg C) 2.2 2.7 5.4 9.9 14.5 18.9 23.2 23.8 20.5 14.5 9.1 4.1
Mean monthly rainfall (mm) 45 65 112 129 150 274 253 172 220 121 69 34

Tourist spots in Oita Prefecture

Oita Prefecture map

Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden /1/
Beppu city /2/
Usa Shrine /3/
Kunisaki Peninsula /4/
Yabakei valley /5/
Yufuin hot spring resort /6/
Hita city /7/
Usuki city /8/

Scenic or Nature / Park or Garden / Resort / City, Town or Village / Quarter or Street /
Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

Main events in Oita Prefecture

Hooran-enyaHooran-en'ya (Early January)

It is a festival held in Bungo-Takada city on the northern coast of Oita Prefecture.
A boat decorated with colorful flags leaves from Konpira Shrine at the mouth of Katsura River flowing through the city. The boat goes upstream to Wakamiya-Hachimangu shrine about 3 km away.
Tens of naked young men with a loincloth are on board, and they shout "Hooran-en'ya".
Many citizens see the boat on river banks, and some of them present gifts to the boat. At that time, the naked men plunge into the cold river, and swim to get the gifts.
They pray for great catch of fish and navigation safety.

Hita Gion FestivalHita Gion Festival (Saturday and Sunday in late July)

It is the annual festival of Yasaka Shrine and Wakamiya Shrine in Hita city in the west part of Oita Prefecture.
This festival has been held since the 17th century, and modeled Gion Festival in Kyoto.
So ten beautiful floats march through the city.
Each float is 5 to 10 meters high, and big dolls in the famous scenes of Kabuki are set up.

Local foods and products in Oita Prefecture

Seki-AjiSeki-Aji, Seki-Saba

"Aji" means "horse mackerel", and "saba" means "common mackerel". Both are popular fishes for Japanese people.
But the fishes caught around Saganoseki at the northeast part of Oita Prefecture are special. ("Seki" comes from "Saganoseki".)
Because the sea has rapid current and creates a lot of plankton, the fishes grow richly but strongly.
And they are caught not with net but with angling, so the caught fishes has little damage.
Of course, it is the best to eat as sashimi, while they are fresh.


It is a local dish in Oita Prefecture.
"Dango" means "dumpling", and it is commomly made of wheat flour in ball shape.
But this dish use the flattened dango like wide noodle.
Dango-jiru is made by boiling the flattened dango, shaved bardock roots, carrot, shiitake mashroom, taro, and so on, in miso soup.


The flattened dango in Dango-jiru is also used as a snack.
Yaseuma is a snack dusting the flattened dango with sugar and toasted soybean flour.
In the ancient times, a little illegitimate child of a nobleman was send from Kyoto to current Oita Prefecture to make it difficult to find him.
And his nurse often made a simple snack for him. It was current Yaseuma.

Beppu Bamboo wareBeppu Bamboo ware

Oita Prefecture has produced a large amount of bamboos.
And various bamboo wares have been created in Beppu city since the 14th century. Most of them are livingwares such as bascket, strainer.
Since the 20th, art works such as the tools for tea ceremony has been created.
To these works, not only new bamboos but also boiled bamboos, dried bamboos, long-time smoked bamboos are used.

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