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Kagoshima Prefecture

Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu DistrictKagoshima PrefectureKagoshima Prefecture is located at the south part of Kyushu Island.
It is at the southernmost position in four main islands of Japan.

It has two large peninsulas. The western one is Satsuma Peninsula, and the eastern one is Oosumi Peninsula.
There is Kagoshima Bay between the peninsulas, and active Sakurajima volcano is in the center of the bay.

The prefectural capital is Kagoshima city, and it is near Sakurajima.

The north part of the prefecture is mountainous.
But it is not general mountain but the tableland of thick volcanic ash deposit.
The land is unsuitable for rice cultivation, so sweet potatoes and radishes has been produced.
And pigs have been raised using the potatoes as their feed, then this prefecture has produced tasty pork.

In the middle ages, Satsuma Domain governed the area of current Kagoshima Prefecture.
In the middle of the 19th century, samurais of Satsuma worked to overthrow the feudal Edo Government.
And after the foundation of modern Meiji Government in 1868, some of them became important figures in government.
Takamori Saigou (1828-1877) is one of the most well-known samurais.

Kagoshima Prefecture has the broader area.
Between Kyushu Island and Okinawa Island, there are several islands like steppingstones.
Some of them are attractive islands for sightseeing.

To visit Kagoshima Prefecture, we can use Kyushu Shinkansen.
And Kagoshima Airport is located about 30 km north-northeast of Kagoshima city.
It has the flights from Haneda (Tokyo), Itami (Osaka), Chubu (Nagoya), Fukuoka and several other cities.
Also, there are the flights to some southern islands of the prefecture.

Kagoshima Travel Guide
Kagoshima Airport official website

The climate in Kagoshima city
Highest Temperature (deg C) 12.8 14.3 17.0 21.6 25.2 27.6 31.9 32.5 30.1 25.4 20.3 15.3
Lowest Temperature (deg C) 4.6 5.7 8.4 12.7 17.1 21.0 25.3 25.6 22.8 17.5 11.9 6.7
Mean monthly rainfall (mm) 78 112 180 205 221 452 319 223 211 102 92 71

The climate in Yoron island
Highest Temperature (deg C) 19.0 19.7 20.8 23.1 25.9 28.5 31.5 31.7 30.5 27.8 24.4 20.9
Lowest Temperature (deg C) 14.2 14.9 15.6 18.1 21.1 24.2 26.6 26.6 25.5 23.4 20.1 16.2
Mean monthly rainfall (mm) 94 109 135 149 201 228 129 151 182 154 132 87

Tourist spots in Kagoshima Prefecture

Mainland map of Kagoshima Prefecture


Kagoshima city /1/
Sakurajima volcano /2/
Ibusuki hot spring resort /3/
Mount Kaimon /4/
Chiran town /5/
Mount Kirishima /6/

Southern islands map of Kagoshima Prefecture

Southern islands

Yakushima island /11/
Tanegashima Space Center /12/
Yoron Island /13/

Scenic or Nature / Park or Garden / Resort / City, Town or Village / Quarter or Street /
Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

Main events in Kagoshima Prefecture

Ohara FestivalOhara Festival (November 2nd, 3rd)

It is the autumn festival of Kagoshima city, and has been held since 1949.
"Ohara-bushi" is the most popular folk song in Kagoshima area, and many dancers parade with dancing to Ohara-bushi and some other local folk songs throughout the city.
The total number of the dancers is over 22 thousand, and they dance in over 250 teams.
In mid-May, this festival is also held in Shibuya in Tokyo.
Many of the teams go to Tokyo and dance in the downtown in Shibuya.

Bullfighting in Tokunoshima islandBullfighting in Tokunoshima island

Tokunoshima island is known for bullfighting.
It is said that the bullfighting has been held for about 500 years.
There are some popular regions of bullfighing in Japan, and all of them are the match between two bulls.
Most of them have the human judgement of victory or defeat, but Tokunoshima's bullfighting make the bulls fight until one beats the other.
The people in the island excite for tha fight, then they believe that the owner's family of the champion bull will be happy.

Local foods and products in Kagoshima Prefecture


It is a kind of herring. It has cylindrical form with a silver stripe, and the length is about 7 to 10 centimeters.
They migrate in the tropical ocean, so many kibinago are caught around the coast of Kagoshima Prefecture.
It spoils rapidly, so we can eat it only around the landing port.
It can be prepared in many ways, but sashimi (raw kibinago) is best.

Kagoshima Berkshire porkKagoshima Berkshire pork

Kagoshima Berkshire is the best brand of pork in Japan.
It is called "kurobuta" in Japanese, and the literal translation is "black pig".
This pig was created by crossing between native pig in Kagoshima region and Berkshire pig from Britain in the late 19th century.
Of course, it is very tasty.
Shabu-shabu, tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and many other dishes make my mouth water.


"Satsuma" is the old name of west part of Kagoshima Prefecture, and "age" means "fry".
Satsuma-age is a food that fish paste is deep-fried. It is said that this food originated in Satsuma region.
Satsuma-age has a variety of products. Some added chopped vegitables in the paste, and the others added chopped squid or octopus.
You can eat it plain. Of course, it is delicios after broiling.


It is a specialty products in Amami-Oshima island.
Tsumugi is a Japanese cloth woven using cotton thread or silk thread.
Generally tsumugi is heavy-duty, so the cloth has been used for casual wear or work clothes.
But Oshima-tsumugi is a high-grade product.
It uses high-quality silk. And it goes through many manufacturing process (designing, making thread, dying, weaving). The color is deep and elegant.
It takes 6 to 12 months to complete a kimono cloth.

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