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Kyoto Gosho (Kyoto Imperial Palace)

Kyoto Gosho (Kyoto Imperial Palace)Map around Kyoto GoshoKyoto Gosho ("Kyoto Imperial Palace" in English) is the residence of Emperor in Kyoto.
It is located about 5 km north of Kyoto station.
The Emperors in Japan had lived in this palace from the mid-thirteenth century to 1869.

After the end of feudal Edo Government in 1868, the capital of Japan was transferred from Kyoto to Tokyo.
Also Emperor Meiji who had been lived in this palace moved to current Kokyo (Imperial Palace) in Tokyo in 1869.

But when he visited here in 1877, he regreted that this palace and surrounding area had been fallen into ruins.
So he ordered the government to preserve the palace.
Around the palace, there are many ruined residences of former court nobles.
Kyoto Prefecture removed the residences, built the large park. And the park was opened to the public as "Kyoto Gyoen" in 1949.

Kyoto Gyoen including Kyoto Imperial Palace is a rectangle shape, and it is about 0.8 km from east to west and about 1.4 km from north to south.
The south side faces Marutamachi Street, and the north side faces Imadegawa Street.
And the west side faces Karasuma Street, and the east side faces Teramachi Street.

Kyoto, Kyoto Imperial Palace

In the roughly center of the area, there is Kyoto Imperial Palace (Kyoto Gosho).
It is also a rectangle shape, and it is about 0.3 km from east to west and about 0.6 km from north to south.
The main gate "Kenreimon" is on the south side.
And the main buildings of Kyoto Gosho are Shishinden (Main hall), Seiryoden (Residence of Emperor) and so on.

There is Sento Imperial Palace (Sento Gosho) to the southeast of Kyoto Imperial Palace.
It was the palace where retired Emperors had lived.
The buildings were destroyed by fire in 1854, then it has only Japanese garden now.

There is Kyoto State Guest House (Kyoto Geihinkan) to the east of Kyoto Imperial Palace.
It was built newly in 2005, and is designed to welcome distinguished guests from abroad and to host summit meetings.

Kyoto Gyoen is a park, so we can visit and stroll whenever you like.
Many old trees and gardens are in this park.
And the parades of famous Aoi festival and Jidai Festival start from here.

To visit Kyoto Imperial Palace and Sento Imperial Palace, we must apply for visit to Imperial Household Agency in advance.
But special public open days without application are usually set up in spring and autumn ebery year.

Also, we must apply for visit to Kyoto State Guest House.
But only some open days set up in summer every year.

Kyoto Gyoen National Park official website
Visit Guide in Imperial Household Agency official website

How to get to here

By subway

Get off at Marutamachi station on Karasuma Line. About 2 minutes walk from there.

Kyoto Gyoen
Kenreimon Shishinden behind Joumeimon gate
©Akira Okada / ©JNTO
Shishinden Seiryoden
Okurumayose (Carriage porch) Oikeniwa garden
Weeping cherry in Kyoto Gyoen Parade of Jidai Festival
©Kyoto Convention Bureau / ©JNTO

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