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Rokkakudo temple

Rokkakudo templeMap around RokkakudoRokkakudo is a Buddhist temple, and is located about 0.4 km south of Karasuma-Oike intersection.
The position is roughly in the center of central Kyoto, so the narrow temple grounds are surrounded with high buildings.

"Rokkakudo" means "Hexagonal temple". literally, the shape of main temple is hexagonal.
The formal name of the temple is "Chouhouji".

An ancient book says that this temple was founded in 587 by Prince Shotoku who established a political system for the first time in Japan.
But some historians say that it was founded around the 10th or 11th century.
It is not exactly sure when this temple was founded.

Main temple has double hexagonal roofs, and the shape is complex in structure.
It was rebuilt in 1877.
There are three Buddha statues in the temple, but we cannot enter the temple and must worship in front of the temple.

This temple was managed by the priests of Ikenobo Family since ancient times.
They had had a custom to place flowers by the Buddha statues.
For a long time, they had created a method how to arrange flowers artistically.
Now, Ikenobo is well-known as the master of Japanese flower arrangement.
There is the building of headquarters of Ikenobo next to this temple.

In the temple grounds, there is a stone called "Heso-ishi". It means "bellybutton stone".
It is said that it was the foundation stone of the original temple.
Becuse this temple existed before the transfer of the national capital to Kyoto in 794, it has been said that the position is the center of Kyoto.
So this stone has such nickname.

How to get to here

By subway

Get off at Karasuma-Oike station on both Tozai and Karasuma Lines. About 3 minutes walk from there.

Main temple of Rokkakudo Main temple
A view from above Heso-ishi

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