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Eikando temple

Eikando templeMap around EikandoEikando is a Buddhist temple located just north of Nanzenji temple.
The formal name is Zenrinji.

It is the head temple for the Seizan branch of Jodo-shu (Pure Land Buddhism).
It was founded in 853, and Amida Buddha has been enshrined. And the name of "Zenrinji" was given in 863 by Emperor Seiwa (850-881).
In the 12th century, priest Yokan developed this temple, because he encouraged many people to chant a Buddhist invocation to be happy and did some charity works such as helping the sick.
Since that, the name "Yokan" had changed to "Eikan" in order to make pronunciation smoother, then the popular name of this temple became "Eikando".

There are many buildings on the slope of Higashiyama mountains, and corridors connect them.

The admission fee is 600 yen.

The biggest attraction of Eikando is, whatever others may say, the beautiful scenery filled with colored maple leaves in autumn.
The best season is in late November.

Eikando temple official website

Kyoto, Autumn in Eikando temple

How to get to here

By subway

Get off at Keage station on Tozai Line. Then 15 minutes walk from there.

By route bus

From Kyoto station, about 25 minutes to Nanzenji Eikando-michi stop, by bus with route No. 5.
Then about 5 minutes walk from there.

Tahoutou Pagoda and Amidado temple in Eikando
Photo by Kogashitsu-kabegami
Garden in front of Shakado
Photo by Kogashitsu-kabegami
A passway in Eikando
Photo by Kogashitsu-kabegami
A corridor in Eikando
Photo by Kyoto Photo Gallery & Jazz World
Sloping corridor in Eikando
Photo by Koto-roman
Tahoutou Pagoda in the evening
Photo by Marufish

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