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Tateshina highland

Tateshina highlandTateshina highland mapTateshina highland ("Tateshina kogen" in Japanese) is located at the northwestern slope of Yatsugatake mountains.
The highland area is located at the level of 900-1,800 meters.

From here, we can view Mount Tateshina (2,530 m) and Mount Yokodake (2,480 m).
Mount Tateshina is the most northerly mountain in Yatsugatake, and the shape is similar to Mount Fuji.

The highland is cool.
So here is a popular summer resort, and some ski resorts are opened in winter.
Resort hotels and inns are dotted in this area.

And the sightseeing road named "Venus Line" runs through the main spots in this area.

Lake Tateshina /1/

Lake TateshinaLake Tateshina is a small artifical lake located at the lavel of about 1,250 meters.
Around this lake there are some hotels, inns and golf courses, so a resort area is formed.
Here is an entrance to Tateshina highland area.
Near the lake, there is Musée Marie Laurencin. It was opened in 1983 by a Japanese collector, and it houses about 500 works by Marie Laurencin (1883-1956, a French paintress).

Shokoji temple /2/

Shokoji temple Shokoji is a Buddhist temple located just to the north of Lake Tateshina.
It was built in the 1970s by Toyota Motor Corporation, the biggest car company in Japan.
So if you pray here, it is said that you can drive in safety.
It is the popular cherry blossom-viewing spot in this area, then the season is from late April to early May.

Tsuboniwa /3/

Tsuboniwa Tsuboniwa is a small highland located just to the south of the peak of Mount Yokodake. The altitude is about 2,240 meter, and is located about 7 km northeast of Lake Tateshina.
There are many various alpine plants on the lava field.
To this highland, we can climb by "Pilatus Tateshina Ropeway". The station is located about 4.5 km east-northeast of Lake Tateshina, and we can reach Tsuboniwa for only 7 minutes.
In Tsuboniwa, a walking trail is set up. We can walk about 40 minutes.

Lake Shirakaba /4/

Lake Shirakaba Lake Shirakaba is an artifical lake located about 7 km north of Lake Tateshina. The lake level is 1,416 meters, and Mount Tateshina is located about 5km east of this lake.
"Shirakaba" means "white birch".
Originally it was constructed in 1946 as a lake for agricultural water. After that, since the 1950s, here became a leisure spots.
Now there are many hotels, restaurants, rental boats, and a few ski areas around this lake. Here is the most popular spots in Tateshina area.

Lake Megami /5/

Lake Megami Lake Megami is also an artifical lake for agricultural water located about 4 km northeast of Lake Shirakaba.
"Megami" means "goddess". Once Mount Asama was called "god" and Mount Tateshina was called "goddess", then this lake has been named so.
There are many hotels and inns, shops, restaurants, and a ski resort around here.
A natural park "Gosensui-shizen'en" is located about 2 km southeast of this lake, and has many alpine plants in the forests.
And there is "Tateshina Ranch" to the notheast of the lake, and we can enjoy the idyllic scenery.

Kurumayama highland /6/

Kurumayama highland Kurumaya highland is a popular ski resort located about 2 km west of Lake Shirakaba.
In summer, here becomes an extensive field with many alpine plants.
There is Mount Kurumayama (1,925 m) just west of the highland, and the western side of the mountain is Kirigamine highland.

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How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

  1. By limited express on JR Chuo Line, get off at Chino station. From Shinjuku, about 2 hours and 5-30 minutes.
  2. By route bus to Pilatus Ropeway, from Chino station, about 30 minutes to Lake Tateshina, about 55 minutes to Pilatus Ropeway.
    And by route bus to Kurumayama-kogen, from Chino station, about 45 minutes to Lake Shirakaba, about 60 minutes to Kurumayama highland.
    To Lake Megami, from Lake Shirakaba, by route bus to Sakudaira station, about 10 minutes.

By car

  1. Run on Chuo Expressway and exit Suwa exits. About 170 km from Tokyo.
  2. From the exit, with running on Venus Line, about 16 km to Lake Tateshina, about 26 km to Pilatus Ropeway.
    From Pilatus Ropeway, about 13 km to Lake Shirakaba, about 17 km to Kurumayama highland.
    From Lake Shirakaba, about 6 km to Lake Megami.

Mount Tateshina
Mount Yokodake
Lake Tateshina
Shokoji temple
Pilatus Tateshina Ropeway
Photo by Nihonrettou-Okunijiman
Lake Shirakaba Lake Shirakaba and Mount Tateshina
Lake Megami and Mount Tateshina Gosensui Shizen'en
Tateshina Ranch
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Kurumayama highland

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