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Mount Togakushi

Mount TogakushiMount Togakushi mapMount Togakushi is a rocky mountain located about 20 km northwest of Nagano city.
It is 1,904 meters high.

Japanese myths say as follows.

A god Susanoo was a brother of Amaterasu, the sun goddess. Susanoo had always done mischief.
So Amaterasu had hidden in a rock cave to take responsibility, and she shut a large rock door.
In a result, the world became dark, then various evils had occured.

Other gods thought out a plan. In front of the cave, they did various amusing events.
Amaterasu wanted to watch the events, then she opened the rock door to peek through a gap.
In that instant, Tajikarao, a god of power, opened the rock door and threw it.
The world became bright again.

It is said that the rock door came flying here.
"Togakushi" means "hiding with a door".

Since the 9th century, this mountain became a place to perform the ascetic practices.
So Togakushi Shrine has been in this mountain as an important religious site.

Togakushi area is known as a production center of buckwheat (soba).
Of course, soba is one of popular Japanese noodles. And the whole Nagano Prefecture is also known for soba.
"Togakushi soba" is slightly different to general soba noodle in terms of making and serving.
There are many Togakushi soba restaurants around Togakushi Shrine.

Togakushi Shrine

Togakushi ShrineIt is the shrine on the southeastern slope of Mount Togakushi, and has five precincts.
From the foot of the mountain, they are Houkousha, Hinomikosha, Chusha, Kuzuryuusha and Okusha on the mountainside.
The distance from Houkousha to Okusha is about 6 km.
Kuzuryusha is the oldest, and Okusha is the main shrine founded in the 9th century. Other three shrines are founded in the 11-13th centuries.
In Okusha shrine, we must walk about 2 km on the approach.

Lake Kagami-ike

Lake Kagami-ike It is a small lake located about 2.5 km west-northwest of Chusha shrine.
"Kagami-ike" means "pond like a mirror". As the name suggests, it is a calm lake reflecting the beautiful Togakushi mountains.

How to get to here

By route bus

From Nagano station, about 1 hour 4 minutes to Chusha, about 1 hour 9 minutes to Okusha.
(From mid-December to March, all buses are terminated at Chusha.)

By car

From central Nagano city, about 22 km to Houkousha, 25 km to Chusha, and 27 km to the parking lot of Okusha.

Mount Togakushi
Photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association
Mount Togakushi and fields of buckwheat
Photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association
Chusha of Togakushi shrine
Photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association
Approach to Okusha
Photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association
Okusha of Togakushi shrine
Photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association
Lake Kagami-ike and Mount Togakushi

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