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Lake Nojiri

Lake NojiriLake Nojiri is located about 20 km north of Nagano city.
It is at nearly the prefecture's border with Niigata Prefecture.

The lake is about 3 km from east to west, and about 2 km from north to south in width.
And it is located at the level of 654 meters.
Around this lake, there are some beautiful mountains such as Mount Kurohime (2,053 m), Mount Myoko (2,454 m) and Mount Madarao (1,382 m).

This lake was developed in the 1920s by Daniel Norman (1864-1940), a Canadian missionary.
Since that, here had been the resort area where many foreigners had visited.

In summer, marine sports are popular. And the pleasure boats are operated.
In winter, this lake doesn't freeze up although it is located in cold area. So we can enjoy fishing of Japanese smelt by boat with heater.

In 1948, the tooth fossil of Naumann Elephant (Asian straight-tusked elephant lived until about 20 thousand years ago) was discovered here.
The ensuing investigation revealed that paleolithic men had been living here about 40 thousand years ago.
So there is the museum about Naumann Elephant.

The main area is on the western lakeside, and there are some hotels, the Naumann Elephant museum, and the boarding point of pleasure boats.

How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

  1. By local train on Shinano Railway, about 35 minutes from Nagano to Kurohime.
  2. Then by route bus, about 12 minutes from Kurohime station to Lake Nojiri.

By car

Run on Joshin-etsu Expressway, and exit at Shinanomachi exit. (About 40 km from Nagano, about 250 km from Tokyo).
About 2.5 km from the exit.

Lake Nojiri Uga Shrine on an island in Lake Nojiri
A pier of Lake Nojiri Lake Nojiri in winter
A view og Lake Nojiri from a montain
Photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association
Bird-watching around Lake Nojiri
Photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association

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