Otaru Aquarium [おたる水族館]

Otaru Aquarium, Photo by Otaru city

Display of herrings in Otaru Aquarium

Otaru Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Hokkaido.
It is located about 5 km north of central Otaru city, and there is Nishin Goten near this aquarium.

The main building of the aquarium are on the hill, and you can see 5000 fishes of 250 varieties.
And there is "Dolphin Studium" next to the main aquarium, and you can watch the show of the dolphin and otaria (South American sea lion).

Strolling of penguins in Otaru Aquarium

Spotted seals

Show of otaria in Otaru Aquarium,
Photo by Otaru city

Show at Marine Park

And there is "Marine Park" under the cliff and near the coast.
There are some kinds of sea animal.
In this park, you can see unique show of penguin, Steller sea lion, earless seal and walrus.

The aquarium opens from the middle of March to late November.
In winter, it opens from the middle of December to late February.

Otaru Aquarium

How to get here

About 25 minutes by route bus from JR Otaru station.
Get off at "Otaru-Suizokukan" stop.

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