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SusukinoSusukino is the bright-lights district in Sapporo, and is the biggest one in northern Japan.

Originally it was a red-light district, but since the 1920s it became the district of bars, restaurants, cafes and cinemas.
Then by holding of Winter Olympic Games in 1972, some department stores and underground mall are built, so Susukino has become big downtown in Sapporo.
Recently some "business hotels" for businessmen are increased in this area.

Most Japanese people know the name of "Susukino" well as famous bright-lights district in Sapporo.

Now there isn't "Susukino" as town name.
"Susukino" means "field of Japanese silver grass", and this area was such place formerly.
Basically Susukino Intersection is the center of the area.
Around the intersection, there are the stations of subway and the terminal of streetcar.

And "Tanukikoji" to the north of Susukino Intersection is an old shopping street with arcade.
It has many shops and restautrants, and is one of the popular streets in Sapporo.

How to get to here

By subway

Get off at "Susukino" station. About 0.2 km from there.

Susukino Intersection Susukino Intersection at night
Photo by Sapporo City
A street in Susukino Streetcar terminal in Susukino
Photo by Railstation.net
Entrance of Tanukikoji Tanukikoji
Photo by Sapporo City

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