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Sapporo Clock Tower

Odori ParkSapporo Clock Tower is located 0.7 km south of JR Sapporo station and just north of Odori park, and it is the symbol of Sapporo.

It was built as a training gym of Sapporo Agricultural College (current Hokkaido University) in 1878.
It was planned by Professor William Wheeler (1876-1930) who was the assistant principal invited from Massachusetts Agricultural College. And Japanese engeneers built it.
But the building had no clock tower at that time.

When the opening ceremony, the Hokkaido Developement administrator, Kiyotaka Kuroda, who became the Prime Minister later, made a suggestion to add a clock tower.
Then Prof. Wheeler sent an order to E. Howard Watch & Clock Co. in Boston, Massachusetts, and the new clock was installed in 1881.
The clock keeps still moving, and the bell rings every hour.

The first floor of the building is a museum, and second floor is a hall like a church.

How to get to here

On foot

About 0.7 km from JR Sapporo station.
Or, about 0.2 km from Odori station on subway.

Sapporo Clock Tower At winter night
Part of the clock Sapporo Clock Tower surrounded by tall buildings
Museum Hall
All photos by Sapporo City

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