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Chofu town

ChofuMap of Chofu Chofu is an old town in Shimoseki city, and is located about 8 km northeast of central Shimonoseki city.
It is positioned to the north of the east entrance of Kanmon Channel.

In this area, Iminomiya Shrine was set up in the 2nd century. (It is in legend.)
In 646, the government in this region was set up here. "Chofu" means "the capital of Nagato (the western part of Yamaguchi Prefecture)".

Since the early 17th century, Moori family governed this area, and Chofu became the town of samurai.
In the end of Edo Period (the 1860s), this town became the base for samurai who overthrew the feudal government.

In the town, several historic spots are dotted.

  • Iminomiya Shrine /1/ : The oldest Shinto shrine in Chofu.
    It is located roughly in the center of Chofu area.
  • Nogi Shrine /2/ : The Shinto shrine enshrining Maresuke Nogi (1849-1912), a general in the Imperial Japanese Army.
    He was born in Chofu, and was one of the heroes of Japanese-Russo War (1904-05).
    After Meiji Emperor died, he and his wife killed themselves for the emperor.
  • Chofu Moori House /3/ : The residence of Moori family.
    It was built in 1903, and was used as the rest house for Meiji Emperor.
    It has a beautiful Japanese garden.
  • Kozanji temple /4/ : A Buddhist temple of Soto Zen sect.
    It is one of Moori family temples, and was founded in 1327.
    The main temple is designated as a national treasure.
  • Kan House Nagayamon gate /5/ : A gate of old residence.
    Kan family was Emperor's medical doctor for generations.
    The residence is along the old street, and this gate is different from one of samurai's residence.
  • Chofu Garden /6/ : Japanese garden opened in 1993.
    Originally, this site was the residence of high-ranking samurai.
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How to get to here

By route bus

By route bus to Ozuki, about 23 minutes from JR Shimonoseki station to Jokamachi-Chofu stop.

Iminomiya Shrine
Photo by Kanmon Kaikyo Kanko Suishin Kyogikai
Nogi Shrine
Photo by Kanmon Kaikyo Kanko Suishin Kyogikai
Main gate of Chofu Moori House
Photo by Kanmon Kaikyo Kanko Suishin Kyogikai
A room and Japanese garden on Chofu Moori House
Photo by Yamaguchi Prefecture
Main gate of Kozanji
Photo by Yamaguchi Prefecture
Main temple of Kozanji
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Kan House Nagayamon gate
Photo by Kanmon Kaikyo Kanko Suishin Kyogikai
Chofu Garden
Photo by Yamaguchi Prefecture

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