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Akiyoshidai karst tableland

AkiyoshidaiMap of Akiyoshidai Akiyoshidai is a karst tableland, and is located about 25 km west-northwest of Yamaguchi city.
It is located at the level of 180-420 meters, and the area is about 16 km from northeast to southwest in length and about 6 km in width.
The total area is about 93 square kilometers, and is the largest karst tableland in Japan.

We can see the undulating karst landscape dimpled with many dolines and countless limestone pinnacles up to 2 meters in height.
There are more than 400 caves under the ground.

The limestones were formed from the coral reef about 350 million years ago.
By plate movements, they were dragged in the ground. But in the process, a part of them were pushed up to the surface of earth around 230 million years ago.
Then the karst tableland has been formed for several million years.

The entrance for visitors is at the south end of the area.
Here are the bus stop, the parking lots, souvenir shops. And there is the main entrance to Akiyoshido cave.

The main observatory for Akiyoshidai is located about 1.5 km north of the entrance.
We can reach there on foot from Akiyoshido or by "Karst Taxi". Karst Taxi is a microbus connecting the observatory and the entrances of Akiyoshido, and it makea five round trips a day.

Akiyoshido cave

Akiyoshido Akiyoshido is a cave under Akiyoshidai, and is one of the largest limestone caves in Japan.
The total length is about 8.8 km, and a course about 1 km long is opened to the public.
It is designated as a special national natural treasure.
In the cave, we can see the various large and colorful speleothems.

The original name of this cave was "Taki-ana", and it means "Falls cave".
Because it has some falls in the cave, so it is very simply.
In 1926, Emperor Showa visit this cave, when he was the Crown Prince.
He named "Akiyoshido" as the fitting name after the visit. But he gave the different kanji charcter at the part of "yoshi". The character has the meaning of "balmy".
Since that, the name of this cave became "Akiyoshido".

There are three entrances to this cave.
The main entrance is near the bus stop, and Kurotani entrance is at the north end of this cave.
And at the middle of the cave, there is the entrance to the observatory for Akiyoshidai.

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How to get to here

By railroad

  1. By San'yo Shinkansen, to Shin-Yamaguchi, about 31-34 minutes from Hiroshima, about 2 hours from Shin-Osaka, about 4.5 hours from Tokyo.
  2. Change to Yamaguchi Line at Shin-Yamaguchi. By local train on Yamaguchi Line, about 23 minutes to Yamaguchi.

By airplane

  1. From Yamaguchi Ube Airport, by route bus, about 34 minutes to JR Shin-Yamaguchi station.
  2. From Shin-Yamaguchi, by local train on Yamaguchi Line, about 23 minutes to Yamaguchi.

Photo by Yamaguchi Prefecture
Dolines in Akiyoshidai
Photo by Yamaguchi Prefecture
Burning the hills in February
Photo by Yamaguchi Prefecture
Main entrance to Akiyoshido
Photo by Railstation.net
Hyakumai-zara(Hundreds of plates) in Akiyoshido
Photo by Yamaguchi Prefecture
Kasa-zukushi (Many umbrellas) in Akiyoshido
Photo by Yamaguchi Prefecture
Kogane-bashira(Golden column) in Akiyoshido
Photo by Railstation.net

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