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Ishiyamadera temple

Ishiyamadera templeIshiyamadera is a Buddhist temple of Shingon school, and is located about 7 km southeast of Otsu station.
It is beside Seta River flowing out from Lake Biwa.

"Ishiyama" means "mountain of stone".
Literally, this temple is on the huge rock bed of wollastonite. The rock bed is designated as a national natural treasure.

This temple was founded by high priest Rouben in 747.
He built the original temple on the rock bed according to a divine prophecy in his dream.
And the other building were built in 761, and this temple became wide.
Since that, many illustrious priest had served as head of this temple.

This temple is known as the place where Murasaki-Shikibu got the idea of the story of Tale of Genji in 1004.
Murasaki-Shikibu was a woman novelist, and Tale of Genji is the her main work.
It is the Japan's first (or the world's first) full-length novel.

In the temple grounds, there are many buildings.
Hondo (Main hall) was rebuilt in 1096 and is designated as national treasures.
In the building, there is Murasaki-Shikibu's Room, and the statue of the working novelist is set up.

Two-story pagoda is also designated as national treasures, and was built in 1194.
And several other buildings are designated as important cultural properties.

How to get to here

By railroad

By Keihan Line, get off at Ishiyamadera terminal station. (We can transfer to this line at Ishiyama station on JR Tokaido Line.)
Then about 10 minutes walk from there.

Toudaimon gate
Photo by Railstation.net
Photo by Railstation.net
Hondo (Main hall)
Photo by Railstation.net
Murasaki-Shikibu's Room
Rock bed of wollastonite
Photo by Railstation.net
Two-story pagoda
Photo by Railstation.net
A garden in Ishiyamadera
Photo by Railstation.net
Seta River flowing beside Ishiyamadera (Lake Biwa beyond the river)

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