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SpaWorld [スパワールド]

SpaWorld is an entertainment facility of Onsen (hot spring).

It is located about 300 meters south of Tsutenkaku and Shinsekai.

Basically, this is a big public bath.
Therefore, the visitor must take a bath nakedly, following Japanese custom.

In the large building, there are two floors with many bathrooms.

The fourth floor is Europe Zone, and has some bathroom with European image such as ancient Rome, ancient Greece, Blue Grotto, Finland sauna, etc.

The sixth floor is Asia Zone, and has some bathroom with European image such as Japanese open-air bath, Islam, Persia, Bali island, etc.

One floor is for men, and another floor is for women.
The floor for men or women is exchanged every month.

In addition, there is the floor for "Ganban'yoku" (Hot stone spa) on the 3rd floor.
And there is amusement pools on the 8th floor.

There are the restaurants and a hotel in the building.


How to get here

  • From Shin-Imamiya station of JR Osaka loop Line, about 100 meters walk.
  • Nearest stations of subway.
    Dobutsuen-mae (M22 Midosuji Line)

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