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Kashiigu shrine [香椎宮]

Roumon gate of Kashiigu
Roumon gate of Kashiigu
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Main shrine of Kashiigu
Main shrine of Kashiigu
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Kashiigu is a Shinto shrine, and is located about 8 km north of JR Hakata station.

In legend, Emperor Chuai died in 200, so his wife, Empress Jingû, built a mausoleum here.
After that, the government heard the oracle of Empress Jingû, it is said that this shrine was founded in 724.

A statement remains in an old document that this shrine was existent in 728.

Kashiigu had been one of the high-ranking shrines since that times.
The events that the imperial messengers visit and worship this shrine are held once every ten years.

The precinct is about 400 meters from east to west and about 200 meters from north to south.

There is the approach about 120 meters in the west part of the precinct.

But the outside approach is about 1 km long, and the entrance is located to the west side of JR railway.
Camphor trees are lined along the approach.

There is a pond on the left side of the inner approach, and about 2,000 Japanese iris flower in early June.

Haiden of Kashiigu
Haiden of Kashiigu
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Ayasugi in Kashiigu
Ayasugi in Kashiigu
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There is Roumon (楼門) gate at the entrance to the main precinct in the west part.
And there is main shrine in the the precinct.

As the main shrine, Honden (本殿, Main hall), Heiden (幣殿, Hall for imperial messenger) and Haiden (拝殿, Worship hall) are connected.

It was rebuilt in 1801.
Because this main shrine has a unique architectural style, it is called "Kashii-style".

A sacred cedar tree stands in front of the main shrine.
It is called Ayasugi (綾杉) and it is over 1,800 years old.

In addition, there is a spring named as Furôsui (不老水) in a residential area about 500 meters northeast of Kashiigu.

In legend, a loyal subject who served Emperor Chuai lived near this spring.
He had drunk the water of the spring, so he could live for over 300 years.

The water is dedicated to the Imperial family in new Year's day every year.
You can also drink the tasty water at the spring.

How to get here

By local train of JR Kagoshima Line, about 12 minutes from Hakata to Kashii.
From Kashii station, about 1.3 km walk.

In addition, from Kashii, JR Kashii Line branches.
Next station is Kashii-jingu and it takes 2 minutes by the local train.
From Kashii-jingu station, about 0.3 km walk.

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