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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Hiroshima Peace Memorial MuseumHiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is a museum in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

This museum was opened in 1955.
The museum has two buildings, Main Building and East Building.
We visit East Museum first.

In East Building, the history of Hiroshima city until A-bombing and the historic background why Hiroshima was selected as the target are introduced.

In Main Building, we can see the human damage and physical damage by atomic bomb in Hiroshima.
Various miserable articles found in the ruin, the diorama of the city after the exposion, and other items are displayed.
Especially the charred lunch box which a schoolgirl had, and the stone on which a shape of woman was printed, are well known.

When you travel in Hiroshoma, I hope to visit this museum.
And think whether nuclear weapons are necessery for humankind.

The entrance fee is only 50 yen.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum official website

How to get to here

By streetcar

By street car with route No. 2 or 6, about 20 minutes from Hiroshima station to Genbaku-Dome-mae stop.
From Genbaku Dome, about 10 minutes walk.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Watch that stopped at that time
Photo of ruined central Hiroshima
Replica of the A-bomb Photos of mushroom cloud
Stone that shape of a woman was printed Damaged human body
Fused bottles by high heat Melted things

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