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Taimadera temple

Taimadera templeTaimadera is a Buddhist temple of both Shingon school and Jodo school, and is located in Katsuragi city.
It is located about 30 km southwest of Nara city, and is around the southwest end of Nara Basin.

The kanji characters of this temple name are above, and the characters in parenthesis are the notation by the kanji characters we usually use today.

This temple was founded in 612 by Prince Maroko, a brother of Prince Shotoku, in the south part of current Osaka Prefecture, first.
Then it was moved to this place by Taima Clan, the powerful family in this area, in 681.

Toyonari Fujiwara (704-766) was a minister, and has a pretty daughter.
When the daughter was 5 years old, his wife was died. Then he get a second wife.
As the daugter grew, she became more beautiful and clever. People called her "Princess Chujo". But the second wife became jealous.

When she was 19 years old, her father was died.
For this occasion, the second wife tried to kill Princess Chujo. But the princess escaped by the help of a retainer.
She left the capital Nara, then reached this temple. And she became a nun.

One night, she saw a scenery of heaven in her dream.
Then she wove a cloth with the scenery of heaven within a day.
The cloth is called "Taima Mandara", and it is designated as a national treasure.

In the precincts, there are Hondo (main temple), Kondo and Koudo. These were rebuilt in the 12-14th centuries.
In Hondo, Taima Mandara has been housed.

And two three-story pagodas (East Tower, West Tower) stand in the precincts. They were built around the 12-13th centuries.
This is the only temple where we can see a pair of original old pagodas in Japan.

Hondo and two pagodas are designated as national treasures.

How to get to here

By railroad

By Kintestsu Minami-Osaka Line, get off at Taimadera station.
About 15 minutes walk from there.

Photo by Rettou-Homotsukan
Photo by Rettou-Homotsukan
Saito (West Tower)
Photo by Rettou-Homotsukan
Toto (East Tower)
Photo by Rettou-Homotsukan
Photo by Rettou-Homotsukan
Photo by Rettou-Homotsukan
Peony garden
Photo by Kogashitsu-kabegami
Peony in Taimadera
Photo by Koto Roman

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