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Gujo-Hachiman town

Gujo-HachimanGujo-Hachiman mapGujo-Hachiman is a small town in Gujo city, and is located about 40 km north-northeast of Gifu city.
Nagara River flows to the west of the town, and Yoshida River, one of the tributaries of Nagara River, flows through the center of the town.

Gujo Hachiman Castle was built in 1559, and here had developed as a castle town since the 17th century.
The castle was demolished in 1871 after the end of feudal Edo Period, but it was rebuilt in 1933.

Gujo-Hachiman is known as Water Town.
The water flowing in Nagara River and Yoshida River is very clear, and waterways are set up in the town.

And people in Gujo-Hachiman have been used the water cleverly.
They have sinks with a few tiers called "mizubune" in each home and street.
The clear water from the rivers or springs flows into the sink.
The water in the first sink is used to drink, and the water flows to the second sink.
The water of the second sink is used to wash.
After that, the water used to wash flows into a pond in the house. The fishes such as carp are kept in the pond, and the food scraps washed away are eaten by the fishes.
And the cleaned water flows into the river again.

Gujo Hachiman is famous for Gujo Odori in summer.
It is Bon Festival Dance in this area, and it is held in the evening at the 32 days between mid-July and early September.
Especially in the Bon Period (August 13-16th), the dance is done all night, so about 300 thousand visitors come here.

Gujo-Hachiman's unique industry is the production of replica food.
In Tokyo, we can find the shops of it in Kappabashi kitchen town, but Gujo-Hachiman has a more than 50% share of the production of it in Japan.
There are several shops in the town, and we can experience to make the replica in most of them. (Appointment necessary, paid)

Gujo Mankitsu : Gujo City Tourism Federation official website

Main sightseeing spots in Gujo-Hachiman

  • Gujo-Hachiman Castle /1/ : The beautiful castle restored in 1933. It was built in wood, and is the oldest restored castle in Japan.
  • Historic town /2/ : The northern area of the town. There are old houses and temples since the 17th century.
  • Gujo-Hachiman Hakurankan museum /3/ : The building of former tax office built around the 1910s. It has the museum introducing Gujo-Hachiman, and ahows the demonstration of Gujo Odori.
  • Soogisui spring /4/ : A spring of tasty water. In the 15th century, Soogi Iio, a poet, loved this spring and he lived by here.
  • Former Town Office /5/ : The building was built in 1936. Now it is used a tourist information center.
  • Gujo-Hachiman Rakugeikan /6/ : Former doctor's office built in 1904. It is used as gallery and exhibition hall.
  • Igawa-Komichi street /7/ : A narrow street along a waterway flowing clean water. Three laundry places are set up by the waterway, and we can sometimes find people in this area doing laundry.
  • Yanaka-Komichi street /8/ : The street created with the image of Water Town. Small 80 thousand round stones are paved, and "80,000" is pronounced as "hachiman" in Japanese.
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How to get to here

By railroad

  1. From Nagoya to Mino-Oota, by JR limited express "Hida" on Takayama Line, about 40-50 minutes.
  2. From Mino-Oota to Gujo-Hachiman, by local train on Nagaragawa Railway, about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  3. From Gujo-Hachiman station, about 1.5 km to the central town. About 25 minutes on foot. Or use the small municipal bus or a taxi.

By route bus

From Gifu station, about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

By car

Run on Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway, and exit at Gujo-Hachiman Exit. From there, about 2.5 km to central town.

Gujo-Hachiman castle
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
A view of the town from the Gujo-Hachiman Castle
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
A street of the old town
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Mizubune in Gujo-Hachiman
Gujo Odori
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Gujo-Hachiman Hakurankan
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Soogisui spring in Gujo-Hachiman
Former Town Office
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Gujo-Hachiman Rakugeikan
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Igawa-Komichi street
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Yanaka-Komichi street
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Shop of replica foods
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation

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