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Shimogamo Shrine

Kyoto, Shimogamo Shrine Shimogamo ShrineShimogamo Shrine is a Shinto shrine located about 2 km northeast of Kyoto Gosho.
Kamo River and Takano River meet to the east of Kyoto Gosho, and it looks like Y-shape on maps. This shrine is just north of the Y junction.

In Japanese, this shrine is called "Shimogamo Jinja" and the formal name is "Kamo-Mio Jinja".

Accordind to Japanese myth, it is said that this shrine was founded in 90.B.C.
But some say that it was set up by separation from Kamigamo Shrine in the early 8th century.
It is sure that this shrine had been important with Kamigamo shrine since that time.

The approach about 500 meters long runs through the forest named "Tadasu-no-mori".
After walking along the approach, we reach "Roumon Gate".
On the left side of the gate, there are two sacred trees. The trunk of one tree has cut into the trunk of the other tree naturally.
It means that a man and a woman become a couple, so the trees are known as the god of marriage.

In the precincts, there are many buildings.
Most of them were rebuilt in 1628, and they are designated as important cultural properties.

East Main shrine and West Main Shrine are rebuilt in 1863, but they are designated as national treasures.
They are most sacred buildings in this shrine, and are behind "Heiden" shrine. We must worship in front of Heiden, so we have to see a part of the main shrines through Heiden.

This shrine is one of 17 constructions of "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto" designated as a World Heritage Site.

Aoi Festival held with Kamigamo Shrine in May 15th is one of the major festivals in Kyoto.

Shimogamo Shrine official website

How to get to here

By subway and route bus

  1. Get off at Kita-oji station on Karasuma Line of subway.
  2. Get on a route bus with route No. 1 or 205 from there.
  3. Get off the bus at Shimogamo-jinja-mae stop. About 25 minutes from Kita-oji

Approach in Tadasu-no-mori
Torii gate
Sacred trees
Married trunks
Roumon gate
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Heiden shrine
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
West Main Shrine beyond a corridor of Heiden
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
East Main Shrine beyond a corridor of Heiden
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Soribashi bridge

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